Blast From The Past – The Thing With Dying

Kids sometimes ask the weirdest questions. And sometimes they also ask the deepest and the most difficult questions. I had some tough ones to answer today, not as tough as the ones in my Blast Of The Past post. I wonder how you guys answer questions like that? Honestly and child friendly or do you just make something up?

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Questions I think Nobody Ever Asks 2

A little while back (actually a year back already) I posted 35 questions I thought nobody would ever ask after having read 100 Questions Nobody Ever Asks. It was a lot of fun reading your answers or comments back then and I figured I will see if I can come up with 35 additional questions to ask you guys. Can’t wait for your answers!

Before you continue reading remember that they might be awkward as they are questions I would most likely never ask anybody just like that…

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The Thing With Dying

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Children seem to get there, all of them, at one point. Maybe it’s part of growing up and realizing that things are changing. Maybe it’s part of the letting go. I’m not sure. But they all get to the point where they start asking questions about dying.

I was expecting it. Frankly already for months now. I thought the passing away of my Dad would get my daughter to the point where she would ask the question. The question I believe it’s the hardest one to answer:

” What happens to us after we die?”

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I need your Advice!!!

I think we could help out a fellow blogger with some questions, don’t you think so too? Let’s get that interview going… please comment on her blog. Comments here disabled.

Welcome to my Blog

So, next week I’m going to be interviewing a National Guard, any questions you can come up with or would liked asked and I can get the answer??

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Do You Have Questions?

I’ve seen a post on The Swedish Kiwi recently and liked the idea. Our little Kiwi bird asked her followers to ask her questions. Questions she would answer in a post. From what I know she just wrote the fourth post about it. I’m going to steel this idea (hope you don’t mind, Swedish Kiwi…). I think it’s a brilliant idea.

So go for it, ask me a question (or more) in the comments and I will answer them in a post at some point next week. Share the post if you like to get bloggers involved that don’t know my blog yet.

Let’s do it, let’s play the game, let’s Q&A… 🙂

A Whole Buncha Shit You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Me (AKA The One Where You Find Out Just How Perverted I Am)

And here are some answers to my questions. Love it and it sure made me giggle! How about you? Dare to answer them?

Today is a difficult day for me. Not because of the beasts within, but for a very specific and deeply personal reason. So, while it’s highly unusual for me (especially lately), I’m gonna do my second post of the day. This one is gonna be fun! I’m in need of fun diversion, and I think some of you will wanna do this fun little thing for yourselves, too!

Over at A Momma’s View, the lovely blogger issued a superfun list of 35 questions for her readers to answer. She also asks her readers to come up with a question of their own. So. I’ll do hers and add the ones her commenters asked, and I’ll try to come up with my own to add for you.

Let’s do this thang, chickenwang. ((That was really fucking lame, but it popped into my head so it stays.) (You’re welcome.))



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Questions I Think Nobody Ever Asks

Recently I answered 100 questions nobody ever asks mainly because I was curious what those questions would be. I have to say I was slightly disappointed to find out that a huge amount of them were, at least in my books, questions that are totally normal to be ask and for sure have been asked all the time. So I figured I give it a go and see if I can come up with a bunch of question I think nobody ever asks. Of course it would be heaps of fun to see your answers. I think though, that question nobody asks usually get answered by “none of your business”. And I have to admit, my question probably been asked before too… So if you prefer not to answer them, that’s of course totally fine.

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Just Don’t Ask Me That!

This will be short as I’ve already said everything about it prior. The questions I hate being asked the most are:

“What do you do?”… I mean, what does a job really say about you?


“What about the social side?”

If you really want to ask me those questions, just be prepared for the answer… Well I guess that’s something you always have to be, right 😉

The wise man doesn’t give the right answer, he poses the right questions. – Claude Levi-Strauss


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