Guest Post—Collision of Science and Belief

Emma is one of my regular guest bloggers. I feel really thrilled about the possibility to post one educating post of this great blogger once a month over the next couple of months. Thank you so much, Emma, for sharing these great posts with us! If you would like to check out the previous guest posts, this amazing blogger wrote for me, head over here.

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Question of the Day – 8/31/16

Fantastic question and I wonder what your take on it is? I love Danny’s Question Of The Day. You should check them out. Lots to ponder about… Especially this one.

As much as I’d like to read your comments here, I disabled the option to comment here on my blog. I would like you to leave your comment on the original post on Dream Big, Dream Often. I will keep heading there to read the comments as I’m sure there will be many very interesting ones to come.

The discussion about religion is not only a hot iron but also a never ending one…

Dream Big, Dream Often


Question of the Day:

Do you think peace is possible along side of religion?

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Lilith – Did You Know…

… That there was a woman before Eve? You probably did but for those of you who did not, her name was Lilith. And boy, was she different! This post is about Lilith but it’s about so much more.

I was always fascinated by Lilith, from the first moment I heard about her (which was only the case when I was already married). To be honest, I actually think we need to be a bit of a Lilith if we want to be true to ourselves. But then I might not see the entire picture.

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Easter And Political Correctness

I try to stay away from posts about politics or religion. It’s a hot iron and I’m totally aware of it. Today I read something that made me think. And it has a lot to do with so called political correctness and religion: A principal bans the word “Easter” form the schools annual Easter hat parade. The reason: He wanted to make the event more inclusive.

Now first of all: How can you possibly have an Easter parade without the word Easter in it? It’s turning into a simple parade! But this just as a side note…

Here are my thoughts, and please get me right: It’s only an opinion. I’m not telling you what you have to think or do. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on this subject and I think I’ve never been that open about it so far…

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About Religion, Acceptance And Love

I might get myself into dangerous territory here. But there is one thing that I need to get off my chest. Actually I already did a little while ago with this post. So just for being clear: I’m aware of the fact that religion is really important to many of you. I’m aware that you believe and that you gain a lot of strength out of it. I’m aware that your believes helped many of you through really hard times.

So I thought it’s time for some lists.

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The Hasidic way of dating and marriage (in honor of Valentine)

Another beautiful story. This time not about falling in love but more about growing into loving someone. Thank you so much for sharing your story for my ‘Couples’ feature, Rebecca.


As Valentine’s day approaches, I was thinking it’s a good time to tell you how my shidduch (a date or match, often leading to marriage. The matching up of a man and a woman for purposes of marriage) went. In the non Jewish world, ours is what you would call an arranged marriage. I dislike that word though because in my mind, that equals a “forced” marriage. And mine, like most others in my community was anything but. At any time you have the option of saying no.

As a girl turns 18, it gives matchmakers a green light to start calling the parents. I belong to a certain Hasidic sect so the suggestions were all going to be eligible young men from the same sect. So, as I turned 18, the phones started ringing with suggestions. If a suggestion sounded promising, my parents went ahead and made many inquiries…

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Over the last couple of weeks the world hat to witness again the shocking moments of terror, caused by individuals who went on a rampage to “make right” what they consider wrong.

Those people claim that they act in the name of a certain “god” or a certain religion, that they act to protect a certain group or a ideology of a certain group. But they don’t!

All they do is take advantage of something to turn it into a reason to go nuts.

It is shocking and sad and scary to see things like this. To have to explain them to your kids, maybe even to yourself.

But it is also encouraging to see the reaction of everyone else. How suddenly we stand together.

In both cases, the Sydney Siege and now Charlie Hebdo, people seem to unite. People seem to say no and communicate that they don’t agree with those individuals. Muslims are standing up, communicating that their religion is not about killing. And everyone else is backing up those Muslims who feel scared of what might be the aftermath for them.

I think it is finally time that we all see, that the terror is not coming from a religion, or a color of the skin. It is coming from individuals, who use every excuse to hurt and kill, because they want to. No matter what religion they belong to. After all: Do religions really ask for killing of people who are not believing accordingly? This is not what religion is about, or am I wrong?

I feel a bit confused and apologize if it shines through here…

I think it is time to finally unite and stand up against them. Letting them know that they can no longer hide behind a religion, that they can no longer claim they do it for the greater good of a group. It is time to single them out.

It is finally time for peace.