Finish Your Food!

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As kids and as parents we know the scenario all too well. There is a plate of food standing there with either something on it that kids don’t like or maybe it’s just too much for a child to handle. Many parents have the approach of “finish what’s on your plate”. I remember many stories my mother told us children about her having to stay at the table for hours because she couldn’t finish her food. Thankfully she did not incorporate this into her style of parenting.

I still see parents telling their children to finish their plate although it’s pretty obvious that they simply can’t fit anything in their tummies anymore. And I honestly struggle with this kind of approach.

I struggle for multiple reasons.

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Look around and pay good attention to the way we teach our kids to behave! Listen to what we tell them not to do or how to do it. And then watch.

Watch the kids. Most of them do what they’ve been told. They follow the guidelines given by us. Now watch adults. Most of them would not.

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