How You Treat Yourself

Isn’t that the truth! And yet it’s something so hard. I find we are the harshest critics of ourselves. And while we need to cut ourselves some slack I also think it’s important to be mindful of what your doing. While you keep that in mind stay on top of your self talk. Be kind to others and yourself.

Question of the Day – 7/31/16

Tough question, don’t you think so too? I’m still wondering how long someone would stick around if I would talk to this person the same way I talk to myself. I’m pretty hard on myself 99% of the time. I think that 1% of being nice and supporting might not be enough to keep a friend around for long.

I mean, honestly, wouldn’t you suggest a person to get out of a friendship like this if the only think you’d hear is tough criticism? All you get to hear is what you do wrong and that you probably can’t do this or that? When all you hear is how stupid you are?

It actually makes me think again about the way we treat ourselves. About the way we “talk to ourselves”. Isn’t it interesting how much worse it seems if you imagine how much it would affect a friendship?

In the end we are all we truly have and are in control of. And somehow we always manage to treat ourselves so much worse than everyone else… Time to change it!

Danny, you’ve done it again!

Dream Big, Dream Often


Question of the Day:

If you had a friend you spoke to the same way you speak to yourself, how long do you think that person would allow you to be their friend?


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