Sex belongs to a relationship just as much as the discussion about what good sex is and how often you should be doing it in order to be a normal couple belongs to our society. Recently a still fairly young couple (age and relationship-wise) got to the point where they decided that there must be something wrong with them because they did not have sex for two weeks.

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Where Did The Steam Go?

Okay, there it is: The truth all parents know. We are no longer just the person we used to be. We are so much more. And as nice as it is, as complicated and exhausting it can be.

The meaning of love got to a completely different level the moment our first baby was born. What we previously thought was a strong feeling surprised us with an entirely different depth the moment we held our baby. But that’s not all that changes.

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50 Shades Of Merchandise….

You probably know how I feel in regards to ’50 Shades Of Grey’. If not, feel free to read this post. Nothing has changed besides the fact that I feel I had some pretty interesting conversations about it with some fellow bloggers and ever since with some friends who have seen the movie.

No, I will still not watch the movie nor read the book. And what I thought was pretty interesting, was to see what ‘merchandise’ got sold under the ’50 Shades Of Grey’ umbrella… I’ve seen FSOG tin opener, FSOG whisks, FSOG soaps, FSOG chocolate… the list could go on and on and on.

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Crazy Hot Sex

Oh my! How beautiful is this!!! Could have not put it in better words. What an amazing and strong post. So much love for the husband and the daughter! And I agree! I agree 100%! I will print this post and hand Otto my baby girl one day!

Mom Life Now


To my dear daughter,

As you grow, many boys will enter your years. They will speak words of love and passion, of wanting you–all of you.

Their sex will be lacking.

Believe me, dear girl, I know what crazy hot lovemaking is made of. Until the boy can assure you of the following, it is not true passion.

If he can patiently wait for over three years. From pregnant to nursing to pregnant to nursing, with your hormones fierce, and desire often dead. “Please, just let me sleep. I am so tired.” will be your common response. Until he can love you still, choose you still, it is not true passion.

If He can call you beautiful when even your feet are swollen from baby belly. Call you sexy when your legs run thick with varicose veins from the same. Call you perfect after your belly hangs loose with skin…

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