Summer As I Used To Know It

Summer, beautiful summer. When you think of it you think of sunshine and warm weather, maybe heat, swimming and sunbathing. You think of summer holidays.

When I think back on how summer used to be in Switzerland I think of green fields, blue sky, green mountain tops. I think of sitting being outside all day, enjoying the sun, maybe go for a swim in a nearby lake or in the public swimming pool.

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I Remember Spring

I remember spring back in Switzerland. I remember how it was up in the mountains were I grew up. How the snow covered valley and mountains started changing, one day at a time. The snow got heavier, wetter. The days longer and the temperatures warmer. Spring skiing was fun, especially sitting in the restaurants on the mountain in the sun, eating something hearty and being able to actually take your jacket off. Slowly the tourists started to disappear as it was kind of much nicer where they used to live. For us the muddy time was about to start.

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A Different Kind Of Winter

Forces Of Nature4It’s officially spring down here in Australia and right in time we got a stunning day with heaps of sunshine and nice temperatures. They say that this year’s winter was the coldest winter in the past 26 years down here and I don’t really struggle believing it. It for sure seemed longer and colder than the previous winters we’ve spent here. I’m not sure if it’s because of that or the fact that I’ve been very sick for most of it that I’m really over winter now. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way.

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