SL-Week 48: Silouette

This week Silvain Landry asks for “Silouette” in his weekly photo challenge. In a way it made me think of a  post I read yesterday about past, present and future. Somehow the words ring in my years. The author says the following:

What you think as past is nothing but your recollection, from your memories, of what you suppose to have happened. It’s not real, it doesn’t exist now, it’s only your memories. And what you think as future is your imagination. Right now it exists only in your mind, otherwise it is not real. The present is the only time that comes close to real, present is what you perceive to be happening right now, and even all recollection (of the past) and all imagination (of the future) can happen in your mind only in the present moment. – Jnanagni

Almost the same with silouettes, don’t you think so? The trees in the first picture, dark, black in front of the setting sun. They are not the way they are in real as in real they are not black. But they seem this way, only being a silouette. The building in the fog, almost disappearing, leaving you with the memory of how it looks once swallowed by the fog. Or the silouette of me standing on the beach, long legs (oh so different to reality). Only my shadow, only a silouette projected on the sand. Not real. And yet, still here, existing, being present, leaving memories…