Blast From The Past – A Smile On The Run

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I consider myself a friendly person. A person who happily “gives away” a smile. I find a smile is contagious. And it immediately makes you feel better. A smile puts a smile on someone’s face. I love watching the kids smile as they do something they enjoy, watch something they like or look forward to something.

And while I was watching my daughter smile while looking at a couple of pictures of her and her friends, I couldn’t help myself smile as well, although seconds before I didn’t feel like smiling at all. I thought about how sad the world would be without those smiles. How people would probably interact even less. Suddenly I remembered a book Nicolas C. Rossi wrote and I started digging for the post which I’d love to share here as a Blast From The Past.

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Smile At Me

An unusually short post from my side. But this just about sums my day up today. 

It’s not even 10pm yet but I’m exhausted and wonder how I made it to this late. It’s been a big day and I tell you what: There will be heaps to talk about in my Tell Me Something Good Post tomorrow but it will be late. I just don’t manage to put it up anymore. 

Please just always remember what a great impact a smile, a positive attitude and a hug can have in someone’s life…

Give A Smile

The best gift you can give is a smile. It’s uplifting and beautiful and almost everyone happily accepts the gift of a smile. And you know what’s the best part of it? They almost always return this gift.

Over the last couple of days I once more realized how much power lies in a smile as well. If you hand out smiles you usually get people to the point where they relax and even if they were angry or upset before, they will most probably walk away in a different mood then when they arrived.

A smile though, has to come from the heart. Mean it, don’t fake it!