Share Your World – March 5th, 2018

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I really think it’s great that Cee manages to come up with all those questions, week after week. And I love what they trigger in me. Like this time with her very first question, that brought me back to an early spring day, having dinner with a friend of mine at the Lake of Zurich, chatting about love and life and all the things in between.

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Australia Snow

One moment everything is covered in beautiful white. After hours and hours of snowfall. Then the sun comes out and the snow slowly melts away. At least here in Australia and at the end of the winter season. A snowflake is something so amazing, so beautiful but also something that is disappearing from one moment to the other.


Inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent

Skiing in Australia

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Yes you read that right. There is actually skiing in Australia. Those of you who are Australians might wonder why I write a post about it. Over the time blogging and every now and then mentioning the skiing in Australia I often got comments of readers who were surprised about reading it. They all told me exactly what Danny told me after commenting on one of his amazing Let Me Ask You A Question posts. They didn’t know that there is actually snow in Australia.

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An Idea For Winter

Found this great idea on Facebook on “Don’t buy it – Make it”, which you should totally check out!

Shared it on FB already but for those of you who are not following me there yet: As many of you are heading into winter I thought I’d give you an idea… (Please share pictures…)

SL-Week 51: Birthday


Sometimes it doesn’t need a cake for candles. A snowball can do it too. Fire and snow, opposites that work well together, don’t you think?

Usually I would post my Share Your Wold answers but Cee is taking off this week to celebrate 4th of July properly. And so she should. As Silvain Landry’s ‘Birthday’ task asks for pictures of a celebration of a very equally important status I decided to make it my Tuesday post this week. You gotta be flexible, right 😉


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 21 – Fresh

I love the sight of fresh snow. Of course only because I can look at it from a tourist point of view now. I know that my friends back in Switzerland most probably did not enjoy the fresh dust of white they only just got last night apparently. But I’m thinking of the beautiful in fresh snow covered mountain tops of the Australian ski fields while I’m getting ready to go on a walk along the beach in 27C warm weather…

Forces Of Nature4

Inspired by Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh


Silent night. It’s one of the songs that comes to mind now, right? Well, how about silence? Do you experience it?

It’s something that I often think of when thinking back to how Christmas used to be in Switzerland. When I think of the nights fresh snow was falling. Because snow absorbs sound it really gets more quiet. But it’s more than that. It’s the way snow falls as well. If it’s not wet snow the snowflakes float to the ground rather than falling, don’t think so? Everything seems to be almost put into a slow motion mode.

And I believe that it effects you too.

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It’s So Different

It’s so different to live over here, compared to Switzerland. Today, again, I realized how privileged I am. Growing up in the mountains the biggest treat for me was to go to a beach once maybe twice a year. For some reason I always felt drawn to the beach, to the ocean. I loved the mountains, my mountain, the mountain I saw each morning when I opened the curtains of my bedroom. I loved it at any time of the year. But the beach was something entirely different.

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A Different Kind Of Winter

Forces Of Nature4It’s officially spring down here in Australia and right in time we got a stunning day with heaps of sunshine and nice temperatures. They say that this year’s winter was the coldest winter in the past 26 years down here and I don’t really struggle believing it. It for sure seemed longer and colder than the previous winters we’ve spent here. I’m not sure if it’s because of that or the fact that I’ve been very sick for most of it that I’m really over winter now. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way.

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