Blast From The Past – All The Hate On Social Media

People are really interesting… and most of the time fun to deal with. But some of them turn into really nasty creatures, when they can hide behind a keyboard or feel they are indestructible. Like certain people who like to tweet stupid stuff… like fires destroying homes.

It’s hard to believe the judgment and lack of empathy that are displayed in comment on posts on social media. Not that we should take it all to heart but we do. Because we started living our lives on social media. And unfortunately what strangers think of us seems to matter to us. Probably more than ever. So some dish out while others sit on the receiving end. And while the ones dishing out probably have a bit of fun doing so and walk away not giving it another thought because it really doesn’t matter to them, the one that was on the other end will probably not be able to let it go that easily. Even though it was a totally random person making a remark.

A person,  you will most likely never met in real life. A person, who also most likely would never ever make the same remark straight into your face. A person, who’s opinion really doesn’t matter at all. And yet it’s the ones that stick. Like the grumpy ones complaining in a sea of happy customers. It will always be that one that will stick to you for the rest of the day.

So don’t let it! Don’t let them take over. Don’t let them stick to you. Don’t let their opinion count. Important are the people that are in your close circle. The ones that are important to you. Most important of all is you. What are your values. What is right for you. Go with that. And let the haters hate…

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52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 19 – View


Can you tell that I love this week’s challenge of The Girl That Dreams Awake‘s 52 Week Photo Challenge? Not only is my blog about having a view, a point of view, but there are so many different ways to enjoy a view.

From above, from down there, from within, through, over, on. But we can only enjoy a view if we look up.

I find that people rush, their views glued on a device in their hand. People don’t look around anymore. They don’t see people anymore, they don’t see places anymore, they don’t see the beauty anymore. It’s time to wake up. Time to look up again. Time to see people again, look them in their eyes, interact again. Time to look around, see the beauty that is out there, see the mountains, the ocean, the birds, the clouds. See the sunsets the rainstorms and the pictures in the clouds. Put your feet in the sand (or the snow).

Be again…


If you like to join the challenge as well, here’s what to do:

  1. Create a post entitled 52 weeks photo challenge :week (which week)-(the theme for the week.
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Share Your World – 2016: Week 46

Image result for meme over sharing

Picture battle time, Cyranny

I mentioned our urge to overshare on social media last week in the intro to the Share Your World post. After the course yesterday it sunk even deeper how careful we need to be with sharing certain info. This sharing on social media has turned into almost some sort of a competition about how we experiences more, travel more, eat better, reach higher, dress better, buy more and so on. It’s about more, better, nicer and most probably a lot of it is just made up. Or at least only the good things are shared. I think it’s the reason why we suddenly feel a pressure to do it too. To share certain things too and it gets more and more and to be honest it’s really difficult to not over-share. The course I attended yesterday once more made me realize how important it is to not feed the creeps out there who are simply waiting for us to present them with the info they want, they need, they crave.

I think I’m losing myself again in those thoughts, rather than getting to the point. Cee has managed once more to ask some really good questions. Her Share Your World Challenge does actually allow you to share your thoughts but not give up privacy.

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Share Your World – 2016: Week 45

I often think that in our society we got to a point where we overshare. We post every tiny thing on any social media platform, share pictures of meals, family and thing we would like to buy online. We let people know when we leave the house, for how long and with whom. People often don’t understand how you can keep from taking part in this show and tell game. They question you for not putting everything out there, they almost demand you to do or they label you as not happy or content if you don’t rub your happiness, fake or real, under everyone’s nose. Sometimes it seems like we’ve lost that keeping a private diary attitude.

This here though is different. Cee’s Share Your World Challenge is more about our thoughts, our takes on things. That’s why I really like it so much.

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Kisses On The Mouth

Let’s just say it right here, right now: I kiss my kids on their lips. Still do and will continue for as long as they feel comfortable with it. And I think there is nothing wrong with this! One of the kisses I will forever remember will be one of the last kisses I got from my Dad before he passed away. It was a kiss on the lips.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.26.14 AM

I don’t understand the issue some people have with the picture posted on Instagram by Victoria Beckham, kissing her daughter on the lips. Did we really get to the point where showing affection for our kids is labeled gross?

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Blast From The Past – Oversharing

There are certain things on social media that make me shake my head. It’s when too much information is given. Not that sort of information like what they had for breakfast… more down the line that that the entire family is leaving for a couple of days (yes, the house is empty now), how annoying it is that the lock on one of the doors is not working (yes, the door can not be locked) or which school the kids go to (just head over there and pick them up)…

I might be extreme. But it just does stuff to me. It makes me shiver! I was not always like this. I admit I might have turned into an over-sharer too if not for my husband. I just saw one of those posts again on Facebook. A post of a friend of mine who already had people trying to get through the doggy door while her husband was away for work. And now the Facebook world knows again, that she will be on her own for a couple of days. Honestly, it’s kind of like sending an invitation out. But as I said: I’m probably totally extreme…

This following Blast From The Past might give you a little bit more insight in my thinking. In the end it’s up to everyone how much they want to share. But please consider others and don’t just share things about them if they don’t do… That goes for pictures of them or of their kids, information about their daily schedule and when they are not at home. Keep the stuff you post on social about you if you really want to put it all out.

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Blast From The Past – Imagine Cinderella And Then Judge Again…

Here it is: I’m on Facebook quite a bit but I actually don’t really like it that much. Why? Because of all the hate spread there. It’s not a happy place. I sometimes read through comments, especially on posts about motherhood or sometimes about celebrities. And what you get to read there is really bad. I wonder how people can actually sink that low (or maybe be so bored) to share their mean thoughts. One of the reasons I started liking Incogo so much (yep, you can follow my “journeys” there too).


It seems like you can never do anything right. Everything gets harshly criticized, actually in some cases brutally destroyed. Your thoughts, your feelings don’t count. Here’s a post I wrote a year ago, the re-share triggered by a couple comments I just read about a celebrity. Comments that made me think about the fact, that for some nobody is allowed to be left in peace and that for some nothing is good enough and nothing can be done right. You know why? Because those people are so unhappy with themselves that they just have to leave it out on others.

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Hey, I’ve discovered a new social media site. It’s called Incogo. Frankly, I have no clue just yet how it is and how it will be and so on but I decided to give it a go. Wondering if any of you would be interested to discover it with me? I would love to have some exchange with someone to figure out what you can do and so on. Anyone on board with me? If so, here’s the link.

Diaries And Privacy


Pretty much nails it. I often wonder why people would post certain things as they seem very private to me. 

But then it’s all about getting attention, isn’t it? No matter what you put out there, you’d like to get some feedback and if you don’t get any it makes you feel… well, let’s say not that special, as you maybe see how much feedback someone else gets. It’s a weird world, the cyberspace. And it’s very interesting how we deal with it. I wonder if there won’t be a day when people turn around and start living in the real world again…