Guest Post—Tilt and Climate

Emma is one of my regular guest bloggers. I feel really thrilled about the possibility to post one educating post of this great blogger once a month over the next couple of months. Thank you so much, Emma, for sharing these great posts with us! If you would like to check out the previous guest posts, this amazing blogger wrote for me, head over here.
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Blast From The Past – Old Or Young

We’ve spent the day out hiking in one of the beautiful forests in the closer area. It was just one of those amazing spring days. A day you just want to spend outside. Spring is in the air and that definitely also applies to all the “lovebirds” out there. Today I did not only see young couples. I also watched some more senior ones. As much as young love is beautiful I find it truly wonderful to see an older couple together. Today reminded me of a post I wrote earlier this year, which I’d like to share as a Blast From The Past. I did it again… I assumed that the older couple has spent a lifetime together and I admired them for still being so much in love with each other. But did they really? Or did they just find each other?

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Blast From The Past – Spring How It Is Now

We spent almost the entire day yesterday and today outside and it feels so energizing. Being gifted such wonderful  days like the ones we just had just makes you feel good. The warm sun feels so good after a stretch of cold and wet weather and it almost seems like you’ve recharged your batteries…

I feel so grateful living in such a beautiful country, so close to the ocean and being able to head out and enjoy a walk on the beach whenever I feel like it. Just like today. I can’t help comparing the seasons with what I used to have back in Switzerland. Today is no different. And that’s why I decided to share a post from just about a year ago again as Blast From The Past.

I wonder what the most beautiful part of spring is for you? I know for most of you it might be difficult thinking of spring now, as you are only slowly getting out of summer and heading into fall… and still. I would love to hear what your favorite part of spring is…

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Tell Me Something Good #20


It’s a beautiful day today, I’m sitting outside in the morning sun, enjoying my cup of tea while typing this. I feel grateful. Grateful for this day, for the warm sun, the birds singing. The spring that is in the air. A good moment to write my Tell Me Something Good post 🙂

We are already in week 20 of this blogging challenge and I’m for sure looking forward to hearing all the good things you are about to share in the comments. So let’s kick off this week on a positive note once more, can’t wait to see what you have to share:

It’s easy:

  • Mention something that you consider being good in the comments
  • Or write a post about it on your blog (please link it to this page so I don’t miss out and to be sure that everyone gets to read it share the link in the comments below). Something good that happened to you recently, or something good you will experience in a little while, or something you are looking forward to. Something that makes you feel good. Whatever comes to your mind, as long as it’s good!
  • Share this post and invite your followers to take part in it too.

Before we start though, take a deep breath and let go of everything that wears you down…

Image result for gif yoga breathe

Keep breathing in and out until you feel better…  No rush. Just do it again… Do you feel better already? Go ahead, do it again, if you feel like it. And when you are ready, just take one more, just because it feels so good 😉

And here is what I like to share with you this week:

“I feel so grateful for the beautiful day we will have today. For the sun, the birds, the fresh spring air. I was nominated by Rob for the MakeIt Ultra Award again. A new award I only just recently accepted so I thought I just mention it here instead of writing a post about it again. Rob is a fantastic blogger, writing from the heart. You should definitely head over to his blog and “shop around”. Award nomination in the blogosphere are always a very welcomed sign of appreciation I think. And it’s definitely something that makes me feel good.

We spent all day outside yesterday with a group of friends. The kids were running their feet off, having fun, playing, laughing, sharing a good time while the adults had time to chat and actually had a little run around too. It was a fantastic day, what else can I say. A feel good day. There is just no other way to describe it differently :-)…”

Spring How It Is Now

I’ve thought long and hard about the differences between spring here and back in Switzerland. If I would compare it with how it was where I grew up it would obviously be very different as I’ve already mentioned in my previous post. But would it be if I’d compare it to where I lived before we moved? I’m actually not that sure.

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I Remember Spring

I remember spring back in Switzerland. I remember how it was up in the mountains were I grew up. How the snow covered valley and mountains started changing, one day at a time. The snow got heavier, wetter. The days longer and the temperatures warmer. Spring skiing was fun, especially sitting in the restaurants on the mountain in the sun, eating something hearty and being able to actually take your jacket off. Slowly the tourists started to disappear as it was kind of much nicer where they used to live. For us the muddy time was about to start.

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