Stipper Name Highlights

When I posted the Stipper Name post I was expecting it to be fun but some of your Stripper Names just seriously made me laugh out loud! I figured I could share my Top 6 with you in a post, so here we go. Feel free to add yours if you like in the comments today. It’s never too late to make someone laugh, right?

My Top 6 Stripper names were:

Commando Burger (The Anxiety Chronicles)
Blue Muffin (All In A Dad’s Work)
Black Bacon (Sonofabeach96)
Blue Doughnut (Random Writings On The Bathroom Wall)
Striped Hot Garlic Shrimp (Just Plain Ol’Vic)
No Beef (For Friends Without Borders)

Check out the other comments here, it’s sure worth it 😉