One Word Photo Challenge – Summer

We’re not there just yet, but we are getting closer by the minute. The ocean is still cold, refreshing 15C, but the days are getting warmer and warmer, sometimes, like on Monday, even hot. I can’t wait for summer. I’m so ready for it and I cherish every nice and warm day we get at the moment, knowing that the next one might as well be pretty chilly again still.

summerInspired by the One Word Photo Challenge – Summer

About Reviews And Flipflops

Jason over at HarsH ReaLiTy has a great thing going. You should really head over and check it out. He is reviewing blogs and posting the reviews on his blog. If you are keen to get your blog reviewed you can actually contact him as well via email and he might add you to the mix. I found out about it because he approached me which already made me super happy. Happy but also a bit nervous. After all it’s a review done by someone who know what he’s talking about.

So I started shaking in my flipflops (which I mentioned to him) and that then lead to brainstorming about which one of the two actually makes the flip and which one makes the flop sound… I have not found the answer just yet but as the summer is only just starting over here I will have plenty of time to figure that one out…

So there I was, nervously awaiting the review of my blog…

And when I finally got to read his review about my blog I was over the moon (and still am frankly…)

Here are the links to the reviews he’s done so far:

Review 1
Review 2Review 3
Review 4

Knowing Jason and the speed he writes posts there’s probably a fifth review up and running by the time I post this. So keep your eyes open when visiting his site.

They are worth checking out. I’ve found some great blogs I decided to follow now by reading his short review and visiting them.

What A Difference


Amazing how different my kids grow up to me. We have spent the day yesterday on the beach and will head back with them later today for a dinner picnic.

Spending time on the beach was something really special for me when growing up. But then I guess we had the mountains and the snow right in front of the door and maybe we somehow got used to that. I wonder if my kids get used to the beach too…

It kind of felt unreal yesterday, just heading to the beach quickly, just for the afternoon. The realization that I can just come back whenever I want to. No plane rides involved. Just for a picnic for dinner…

I guess that is what you get, when moving from Switzerland to Australia 😉

You Know It’s Hot In Australia When…

When we moved to Australia a couple of years ago I knew, that life will be different. But hey, it is quite different in summer, when it gets hot. We are not there yet. It is still nice and warm / or nicely hot. But we might get to it again sometime this summer.

I found this on a website which is called Meanwhile in Australia and I took the liberty to add my comments. It might give you a slight idea about what we might be up for over the next couple of months…

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