Blast From The Past – Favorite Childhood Memory

It’s still cold here in Australia but the sun is getting stronger again. The combination often makes me think of fall days in Switzerland and today while standing in the park watching soccer my mind took me back to my childhood. To some of my most favorite moments. The  picnics, the hikes, the horses… my dad. So I’d like to share this post as a Blast From The Past (on many levels) today…
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12 Years In The Making


Not that Australia was showing its nicest face over the last couple of days. There was rain and hail and wind. Nevertheless there is one statement I can make: I love it here! I love Australia, its beaches, its rain forests, its mountains, its desserts and plains, the heat and cold, wind and sun. And I love the variety of people that made Australia their home.

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So Far…

I had the privilege to watch Pink live yesterday and it was amazing. I will not bore you with a post about how inspiring I find her. I will not tell you how happy I am that my daughter was there with me and hopefully got the message she was spreading. I will not mention how much my son liked the show and the music and how impressed he was about her performance. And I will not let you know that I almost feel like having a crush on her…

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Blast From The Past – I Remember Winter

It probably feels awkward for you reading this. Of course you all remember winter. After all it was only just a couple of weeks ago when you were last dealing with snow and freezing temperatures. You are probably over even reading the word winter.

For us though winter has only just begun. In fact it’s only just a couple of days old. It still feels funny to me, even after all those years, to consider June 1st the beginning of winter. June, July and August for me still sound like summer months. But hey, that’s what happens when you move to the other side. Things change.

I just came back from a walk with the dogs. I could get away with wearing only a sweater and I’m also not ready yet to give up on my flip-flops for the short round around the block. Temperatures are dropping though and the trees have lost almost all their leaves by now. So it’s getting real. The cold days are upon us and soon, there won’t be any flip-flop walks anymore. And while I enjoy the kind of days we will have today, with it’s warm sun and yet crisp air, I know it will get colder soon. And while I’m thinking back to the winters I went through when younger I figured I could share an older post of mine about it as a Blast Of The Past. Because let me tell you: Winters are not the same here as the winters I used to deal with. Not as cold as the winters I remember still so well…

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One Word Photo Challenge: Horse

I have a soft spot for the word horse. A soft spot because I grew up with horses, considered my horse my partner and friend and there are days where I miss her dearly. And then there was our baby who then grew up to be not only a beautiful guy but also an amazing partner as well… And when I think back then I realize that I not only miss them but also the time we had. Certain things you can’t get back anymore. But they will forever have a special place in your heart…



We’ve had some stunningly beautiful days recently. Perfect weather, sunny, warm with that tiny little chilly feeling to it. Beautiful winter days or maybe fall days.

When I’m out on days like this I can’t help smiling. Not only because I enjoy the moment as such but in moments like that I’m also grateful for not being stuck in fog for weeks and weeks.

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Wind In My Face – A Blast From The Past

It’s a cold early winter day. The wind feels almost icy on my face. I walk our dogs but my thoughts are somewhere very different. Not here in Australia and not with the dogs. I feel the cold wind on my skin and it takes me back to my childhood. I remember the day so well. It’s one of the days that is so clearly there still. Not a foggy memory. It’s almost like watching a movie.

We are in the back of a valley, it’s winter. I’m riding the white pony of a friend. His fur is long and on the tip of the hairs there are little, tiny ice drops from his sweat. The snow under the hooves crunches with ever step the pony is making. I’m young. I’m not an experienced rider yet. My Dad is there. Right next to the pony, holding on to it. I remember him wearing all black. Black, long and thick coat and a black beanie. We were talking about so many things, things a girl my age care about. We talk about the local ice hockey team. Yes, I still remember this. So many years ago.

So many beautiful moments spent with him and this one is still here. Like a movie I’m watching over and over again. While I walk back home I know I want to share a post I wrote about it once again today. And I know it will be one of the days I will spend thinking about him a lot. Maybe it’s one of the days I will head to the beach. Later today. Sit there and let my mind travel back and “spend some time with him once again”…

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Share Your World – May 15th, 2017

Time for answering a couple of questions again. Questions that Cee poses week after week in her Share Your World series.

Questions have so much power I find. They can be the opener of a deep conversation. Like yesterday when I asked a lady in the park if she was as blond as her little daughter is when she was a child and she told me about her partner and that he used to be so blond. I thought she referred to the past in the sense of him having been so blond when he was a child but then she kept going and mentioned that he had passed away. Although that sort of stopped the chat there we then picked it up and kept going and I found myself ending up having a deep conversation about love and life with a complete stranger. Triggered by one simple question…

So here we go, time for Cee’s Q&A:

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Share Your World – May 8th, 2017

Cee describes her “Share Your World (SYW) as being all about having a safe place for everyone to answer random questions that I post each week”.

As I said at first I was slightly intrigued by her remark about having a safe place to answer questions and I wondered if her questions would be of a special kind. I figured they might be down the line of questions nobody would ever dare to ask. But they are not. They are your day to day questions and yet they are inspiring. And that’s why I always look forward to her Share Your World post each week.

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