Share Your World – May 1st, 2017

I’m not entirely sure when I joined Cee’s Share Your World Challenge but it definitely feels like it must have been approximately a year ago. “Share Your World (SYW) is all about having a safe place for everyone to answer random questions that I post each week” is how Cee describes her challenge and I couldn’t agree more.

First I was slightly intrigued by her remark about having a safe place to answer questions and I wondered if her questions would be of a special kind. Until I started becoming a regular and I realized that they are just interesting and random questions that simply make you think a little bit and share what you are willing to share. And now I truly look forward to her questions every week.

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There are two of them in my possession. And no, I’m not that person with a fake identity. I’m a dual citizen and, to be honest, I’m mighty proud of it. I love the fact that I have two passports. It comes with the luxury of having dual citizenship. And the funny thing is they couldn’t be more different in color.

One of them, the Swiss one, is bright red. The other one, the Australian one, is dark blue. While traveling on both of them seems really easy, it’s more the idea of being able to possess both.

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Blast From The Past – Just a Memory

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Just about a year ago we were getting ready for our visit in Switzerland. It was only our 3 time of heading back there since we moved to Australia. Although my Dad was suffering from dementia for a while and was already in his 90’s little did I know then that by the time I would travel back he would have been gone forever.

As the anniversary of his passing is getting closer lots of memories come to my mind and while I watched one of the big seagulls fly by today I remembered my encounter with an eagle once again. I shared the story with you before so I will just bring it up as a Blast From The Past. I have to say again though, how the sound, that swoosh of the eagles wings when cutting through the air still comes up when I think back… Some things you just don’t forget. No matter how much time passes by…

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Share Your World – January 30th, 2017

We are getting so close to the end of the first month of 2017. I can’t believe it has gone already. For me it will be about finding back to my normal routine now and spending some time again outside, on the beach, doing hikes, enjoying nature. Funny enough Cee’s first question in her Share Your World Challenge goes down that line. If you have not participated in this fun blog challenge, you should really check it out and give it a go. It’s honestly heaps of fun and I like how her questions always inspire me, bring up memories and allow me to share a new side to me with all of you.

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Share Your World – January 23rd, 2017

Over the last two weeks the world seemed suddenly smaller than usual. So many people sharing their stories, their experiences, their happy moments. Sometimes I wish that life could be more like a great happy sport event. Bringing people of many different countries, religion and color together, cheating for the same thing. In a way everyone shared their world. And I’m going to share a little bit of mine now…

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Today will be a scorching hot day but I can’t shake the thought of snow when reading the word graceful. It’s the picture of my Dad skiing in front of me that comes to my mind. I see him dance over the slopes. So elegant, so graceful, so at ease.

I loved skiing behind him. As a child because he was leaving the track I could follow in. As his older daughter simply because I loved watching him. He had a beautiful style, looked always connected to the mountain, to the elements, to the snow. It’s a picture that will never leave me but unfortunately one that I can’t share with you as I’ve never taken any pictures of him skiing in front of me. Sometimes I think I should have. I should have filmed him as well. But then I might not have felt it. I might have been to busy taking the shot, making sure I got him, repeating everything over and over again rather then being in the moment.

I have the pictures in my head. I have the movie playing in my head. I see him dance over the slopes, at ease with himself and with the world and I can’t help but smile…

Blast From The Past – Silence

It’s been a warm day today. A beautiful warm day. We’ve been over to our friends for the birthday party of their kids. When we came back home the neighbors kids were outside, having a water fight. Our daughter immediately joined them. While I watched them I couldn’t stop thinking about how different the 23rd of December is now than back when I grew up. A water fight on the 23rd of December would have meant hypothermia… here it’s a welcomed cooling off from a hot day. It’s what Christmas has turned into for me. Dealing with the heat rather than the cold. Heading to the beach rather than snow shoveling.

I’m not complaining. Not at all. It’s just sometimes mind blowing how much it all has changed.

Christmas was always also about silence. Sort of. It used to be busy in the town I grew up and still, with all the decorations everywhere it had a very calming vibe to it. “Holy night, silent night” as they sing. It’s what Christmas is to me. No matter the rush that might be surrounding you. Silence can come from within. So even if it’s busy out there, even if it is light till 10pm and even if the kids are running around and giggling and screaming while having their water fight, silence still is a big part of the lead up to Christmas. And while I keep thinking about the difference between the silent night in the snow and the silent night in summer, I’d like to share this Blast From The Past with you about the same subject…

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