Sport Moms

I just had a realization… I’m all of them! And if I’m not one of the listed ones I at least know someone who is.

I’m a dance mom, a soccer mom, a martial arts mom and I kind of cover a couple of the moms on the list which was recently posted on Scary Mommy. Here’s the list and then please let me explain…

  1. Long lens mom
  2. Howler mom
  3. Confused mom
  4. Bag O’everything mom
  5. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t mom
  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde mom
  7. Never there mom
  8. Pinterest mom
  9. Control freak mom
  10. Beauty pageant mom

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Five Black Belts In the House

It was a busy week so far. We have three friends visiting from overseas and two of them will compete this weekend at an international Taekwondo competition. During the last couple of days I’ve learned a lot. Not only through the communication and exchange with three wonderful individuals but also by watching the dynamic of two great athletes and what they have to do in order to fit the profile.

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