Be There

“You are in charge of your destiny.” How often do we hear this? So often. It’s out there, everywhere… Honestly: As positive as I intend to be, I call this bullshit.

Bullshit, because it’s simply not true.

There is no way we can be in charge of our destiny. Life throws us curve balls all the time. And it’s not as if we would even see it coming. We simply don’t know. It’s like driving a round and coming around a corner and the road has just disappeared. Or maybe it was evened out. But you have simply no way of knowing.

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The word believe and what is attached to it is something interesting, don’t you think? Belief in yourself, in others in an institution can come and go, can be used in motivational ways but also in quite a destructive manner.

I thought about belief and mindset a lot over the last months, maybe even years. Not in a religious way, more in a motivational or inspirational way. Or in short more in a way to find something to keep me mentally afloat during tough times. Continue reading

Rainbow Colors

Every time I log into my WordPress account the beautiful colors of the rainbow greet me. And it has a very interesting effect on me.

On one side I feel happy. Because, hey, you know, a rainbow is something really pretty and usually makes you feel happy. But then it also stands for homosexuality. And all the discussion that comes along with it. And that’s where the heavy feeling sets in.

Now you probably wonder why I would feel that way and let me set one thing straight: Some of my best friends are homosexuals and I believe that your sexual preference has nothing to do with your character or who you are as a person.

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Really, It’s None Of Your Business…

Oh, I’m so tempted to start this post with “here’s the thing…” but I will not. So let’s make this intro short.

Yesterday I received an email of a dear friend of ours. This is what he wrote:

“Today, on Tuesday the 24th of May 2016, the Rainbow flag will be flying high and proud on Victoria’s Parliament house as the Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, makes his apology to the homosexual community for the persecutions of homosexuals by successive governments in Victoria in the past. The worse of these persecutions happened under the regime of Sir. Henry Bolte and sir Arthur Rylah in the 60st and early 70st. The police at the time were given powers to do whatever they liked and they used their powers in the most brutal ways I and many of my friends lived through those dreadful times and managed to survive while many did not. The suicide rate amongst homosexuals at that time was enormous and it was all done with the blessing of the Catholic Church, it was only when Mr. Dick Hamer became Premier that things started to change for the better. He was the one who decriminalized homosexuality finally.
Today will be for homosexuals a long awaited recognition of the reality of the persecutions we had to go through for many years. We, Mr. Andrews, thank you for having the courage and the conviction to go trough with it.”
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