The Drop

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There is this saying in German which I can’t really translate at the moment into the right words. It describes that steady drop of water that keeps falling on the exact same spot on a rock. Over the time because of the consistency it will wear the stone out until finally it will actually create a hole in it.

Like with many things this saying can be used in many ways. In a positive one in which you describe the fact that you simply don’t give up and eventually reach your goal. But also in the negative way in the sense that steady actions will eventually leave their mark, no matter how strong someone or something is. I’m pretty sure that Danny by now knows where this is going, as I had a little “comment-conversation” with him lately following one of my comments on one of his question of the day posts.

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A Path Worth Taking

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The past year has taught me many lessons. One of them was for sure that being myself is what it’s all about. It’s a lesson that not only 2016 has taught me but previous years too. It just took me a while to get there.

I think realizing that you are actually good enough the way you are and that you can build on that to move forward takes time. It takes a lot of time. And while you are learning that lesson there will be plenty of people telling you that you should be different. That you should fit into a niche. A niche that was chosen by them. A niche that suits their ideas, their purposes. When those people are people close to you, people who have had a massive influence on all of your life you listen to them. You trust them.

You trust that they only want the best for you.

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Why Do We Always Feel Guilty?

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Most of the time posts lead to more thoughts about the subject written about, in the person who wrote the post and also in some of the readers. Often comments left on posts take it just that little bit further and lead you to a question you would have not touched on otherwise.

After posting my article about SAHMs and working moms yesterday Serena, who is running an amazing blog called “Talking Of Incest” left one of those comments.

“You know sometimes I think all human beings are hardwired to experience guilt. We all find something to feel guilty about. Maybe there’s truth in the Adam and Eve story… maybe we are hardwired to feel guilty for the original sin. I mean, what evolutionary purpose does guilt have…..?????”

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Tell Me Something Good #21

I can’t believe we are about to start a new week again. The days seem to fly by at the moment. I look at my children and in some moments I shake my head about how much they have grown. My babies are no babies anymore. It’s a mixed feeling. On one side it puts a smile on my face. On the other it makes me slightly sad as they will soon be grown ups too…

But hey, let’s not get into this too much now. Now it’s all about kicking off the new week on a positive note!

It’s easy:

  • Mention something that good in the comments
  • Or write a post about it on the blog (please link it to this page so I don’t miss out and to be sure that everyone gets to read it share the link in the comments below). Something good that happened recently, or something good to look forward to. A feel good thing. 

Before we get to it though, let’s dance! Dancing is so good! Puts a smile on our faces… Makes us loosen up…

dancing snl crazy kristen wiig funny face

Yep, that’s right, shake those hips… let’s do another round… and another one…

Go ahead, dance some more… we have plenty of time…

Done? Then here we go. This is what I’d like to share today:

“Last week was another great example of how far we can get if we have found a way to manage toxic people our lives. While months or even weeks ago a certain conversation would have emotionally destroyed me, I managed to walk away from it strong and confident, knowing that the problem is not mine but the other person’s. It was a very empowering feeling and I’m very thankful for having reached this point in my life.”

I would also like to tag this as my contribution for today’s Taboo Challenge Task.



No Need For Fake Friends

I recently commented on a post Berryduchess wrote about unhealthy friendships. There are many unhealthy friendships or relationships as I think you can find all those groups in all areas of life. Work, family, friends. The worse though are toxic people as they combine all those unhealthy sides in my books.They are pure venom.

I find there’s nothing worse than having toxic people in your life. Work, family, friends, no matter where they come from, they shouldn’t be in your life. In some circumstances there’s only little you can do and I guess you just need to “suck it up” and deal with it. Like in your job. Of course you can change job but that’s not always that easy either and why giving up on something you like to do?

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The Truth Hurts – Quit trying to please Everyone!!!

I think you need to get to the point where you are certain that it’s theirs! For some people you will truly never be good enough. But that’s only because they don’t want you to be. They don’t want to see your true potential and maybe they are afraid of it. It’s people like this who constantly try to keep you small, put you down, make you feel bad. Because that’s the only way they can feel good. It’s people like this, I call toxic. And there’s no room for toxic people in my world any longer…