Tell Me Something Good #82

Time for a positive start into the week. While Monday is almost over on my side of the globe it’s only just about to start in other parts. So let’s do this.
It’s easy:

  • Mention something that you consider being good in the comments
  • Or write a post about it on your blog (please don’t forget the pingback if you do so I don’t miss out and also share the link to it in the comments below). Something good that happened to you recently, or something good you will experience in a little while, or something good you know will happen soon. Something that makes you feel good.
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So before I share why I’m so excited for the coming week let’s do another happy dance. As you know I love my happy dances and so I decided to just keep doing it 😉

Let’s do another round, just because it’s fun. And once you’re done here is what I’d like to share with you today:

“Exploring new places with the family is one of the most wonderful adventures ever. Cities, countryside, new places in the neighbourhood, you name it. I’m so grateful for being able to experience so much with the kids and can’t wait to explore more with them and then share our thoughts about it in the days, weeks and months after…”

Life and Traveling

“Those who live life see much. Those who travel see more.” -Unknown

Billboards have many messages for us. Often messages trying to sell us something. They’re big and colorful and often not easy to ignore. I often do thought.

But when you sit in the back of the car feeling like a lumpy vegetable because of an early, hectic morning followed by a long flight, you just gaze outside and probably just take in billboard message after billboard message. I don’t even remember what image was on the board. Most likely it was a plane or maybe a picture of some exotic destination. But the message struck a chord with me immediately. 

“Those who live life see more.” How often do we spend a day just doing what we’re doing, not paying attention to what else is going on all around us. We do our thing, our way and it’s like we are fixated only on what’s going on in that box we look through, limiting the prefiferal vision. It would be so easy to push the box off of our face. But we simply don’t we’re stuck. 

So many ended up there. With the box slowly closing over years. And no it’s what they feel normal with. But the “view” is so limited. When you play “the movie of your life” in your head it keeps repeating the same scenes. A little effort and you would be able to see and experience so much more. Just by breaking those vision barriers down. Allow yourself to do things “you’d like to do one day”. Do the things you so want to do today you constantly push out another day. You still live your life your way but you take in so much more… and you add colorful spots to what you see in your mind when thinking about the life your living.

“Those who travel see more.” True in the most simple way of understanding the sentence. If you travel you see more. Just simply by going places and experiencing them. By experiencing other people and their way of living life and going on with their days. By spending time on airports, train stations, bus terminals or on road trips. The rush the excitement, the buzz. The scents, the flavors, all of it… But it’s not just that.

I personally find that when you travel, you start living your life differently. You adjust, you push yourself a little further, you try new things. And it all sticks to you. That box I mentioned before gets wider or disappears totally. The colorful sport are bigger, cover longer stretches. You “see” more. It makes you a different person. You grow with the experience. And you fall back on all the memories you’ve made when on the road. 

Live your life and see much! And if you can: Take that trip and see more.

Wanderlust – #atozchallenge


“Wanderlust Definition: A strong desire to travel.”

I love traveling and for my liking it’s almost been too long since we last boarded a flight. I do feel that strong desire to travel or the Wanderlust, if you want so. For me heading out there discovering the world always has something exciting and I love that we always had the philosophy that our kids should experience the world with us. What I thought would be a normal thing obviously is seen very differently by other people. I was surprised to learn that some people actually think it’s a waste of time and money to take your kids along your trips rather then seeing it as a fantastic chance to make memories and discover this planet together. Each to their own…

What I have also learned is that although it’s great to get out of your hood your area can provide you with as many adventures and sights to see as an overseas trip. Sometimes beautiful things are right outside of our door and we just have to head out and discover them too…


A to Z Challenge 2017


Image result for images different passports

There are two of them in my possession. And no, I’m not that person with a fake identity. I’m a dual citizen and, to be honest, I’m mighty proud of it. I love the fact that I have two passports. It comes with the luxury of having dual citizenship. And the funny thing is they couldn’t be more different in color.

One of them, the Swiss one, is bright red. The other one, the Australian one, is dark blue. While traveling on both of them seems really easy, it’s more the idea of being able to possess both.

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It’s funny when you look at a picture and feel as if it was you who took it. It happened to me looking at the one posted today when looking at the one in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. So I figured I might as well share some pictures I’ve taken a couple of years ago some take form more or less the same spot and from the opposite side.

Hong Kong is an amazing city. Huge, fascinating, beautiful.

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 28 – Happy!

Managing to express feelings in pictures is hard. So I tried to come up with some of the pictures related to moments I felt happy. Happiness can be as simple as looking at a beautiful flower, having a candle burning, a beautiful sunset, traveling or a good cup of coffee…

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Share Your World – January 30th, 2017

We are getting so close to the end of the first month of 2017. I can’t believe it has gone already. For me it will be about finding back to my normal routine now and spending some time again outside, on the beach, doing hikes, enjoying nature. Funny enough Cee’s first question in her Share Your World Challenge goes down that line. If you have not participated in this fun blog challenge, you should really check it out and give it a go. It’s honestly heaps of fun and I like how her questions always inspire me, bring up memories and allow me to share a new side to me with all of you.

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