I love to walk along the beach and when I found little “treasures” like the ones in the picture it makes me even happier. I find it’s one of the rare gifts of the ocean.

When I was a child my best friend and I usually scanned the beach for shells like these, we dove as deep as we were able to if we spotted one on the bottom of the ocean. And each and every time we found one or were able to get one from under the water we felt like having found a treasure.

Besides stunning me with their amazing beauty they also remind me of the time spent over summer with my friend and whenever I find one of those shells they put a smile on my face and make me think of her…

Find Special Things On The Beach Day

Today is Find Special Things On The Beach Day. At least for me. I came across Jennifer Nichole Wells Today Is… posts and loved the idea. Why not making every day a “holiday”.

If you’d like to participate as well just jump in, link back to Jennifer’s page and tag your post #todayis.

As I said, today is Find Special Things On The Beach Day in my home. After the rain over the last couple of days it was a beautiful little surprise to see the sun out. So I took one of the dogs and the boys (my son and his best friend) and took them all for a walk along the beach. We found many special things. Things like stars in the sea, a special lion (or was it a hairy dog?), a mini rain forest on a rock, an interesting mix of colors and natures jewels. But I also discovered something else.

It’s fun to experiencing a walk with two friends who are so close for years now and spent many hours discovering the beach and the tide pools together. They took me back to the beginning of their friendship, days when they were so much younger. Little boys, you know. Today I watched two big boys and saw two little boys. Too similar were their reactions, the giggling and the team work from what it was years back. In a way today was not just about finding special things, but also about a lasting and special friendship.


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