I’m trying to not get too much into the gun control discussion. Only thing I want to say is that quite obviously the gun law in the US is not protecting people but harming them…

I shared my thoughts before. I simply can’t understand that nothing is done…

Living A Nightmare…

I seriously would like to go to bed, wake up and realize that it in fact only has been a bad dream and that this clown is not seriously the leader of one of the greatest nations in this world. I mean, honestly?

I know that the there was no good option here but this simply can’t be it. I have nothing more to say than what I said earlier: We are setting a incredibly bad example for our children. The impact will be huge. The USA as reliable partner does not exist anymore. Well, I guess we will now become part of the biggest reality “show” ever. I just hope it will not end in a complete disaster…

America has decided to accept being grabbed by the pussy… I really hope the pain will not be too much to handle…

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Where Will History Have You Seated?: The Current Racial Situation in the U.S.

I couldn’t agree more with Danny. It’s time we read up on facts and we take a stand. I especially like this part:

“So what am I suppose to do? What is a middle-class, white dude from Charlotte, NC suppose to do? I am suppose to stand up for what is right. I am suppose to stand on the side of justice. I expect of myself to speak out. I might not be black, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look with my eyes and see something isn’t right.”

Just consider how it would feel if we would turn it around. How you would feel if you would be treated the way people are treated. Consider not having what you think is normal. Ask yourself where the sense in it is. There is none.

The time is right for change. We are change. Every single one of us. Stop accepting the old way. Stand up for the right way. You don’t have to march. You don’t have to go nuts. Just do the right think on a daily base, step by step…

Dream Big, Dream Often

Race is not a difficult topic for me to talk about, but for some it is.

Some people simply don’t like people who are different-period.  I don’t understand this type of thinking, but it exists and I usually avoid these people at all costs.

There is one difficulty for me in trying to understand racism: you cannot understand what it is to be black in America unless you are black in America.  Modern racism in America is subtle.  I know this because I have had many conversations with friends of mine who experience it on a daily basis.


Selma, Ala 1965

I still think it is important for us to ask questions.  Is it possible that there are failures in our system?  Is it possible that there are laws which more heavily penalize people of color? Is it possible that a system failure has occurred which has resulted in our…

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Only embracing our common thread can keep America from unraveling

This simply can’t wait to be shared “only” in my Picks of the week. I had to reblog it now. 

I watched the following clip yesterday and Ned’s post suits so well. The question is a good one, the solution seems so easy:
When do we finally stand up for what seems so logical? When will we see people for who they truly are and not for the color of their skin? When will we stand up and say enough?

Ned's Blog

imageI generally reserve this place for humor. That’s because I believe in the power of its shared experience, and how that experience brings people together. Good humor transcends color, religion, geography, financial status or political affiliation. It’s devoid of hate and allows us to embrace a common thread woven through our humanity that we all share through laughter.

All living creatures get angry, scared, excited or worried; it’s humor that makes us human.

But there are mornings like this when being funny doesn’t feel right. The events of the past few days have spilled over from a collective cup that has been filling with a bitter brew being served during a time of unprecedented polarization within our country. We are being divided and conquered by fear — of each other, our differences, and a political landscape that inspires the worst in us instead of what defines us at our best.

And we swallow this bitter brew not because it’s what we…

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I’ve seen quite a bit of this world so far. I was lucky enough to travel to some pretty great places. But there are still so many I’d like to visit. I once tried to create a little list of places I’ve visited. And while I was on it I was constantly humming the following song:

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Toddlers And Firearms

For a while now I wanted to write a post about the issue the US seems to have re guns. Yes, I call it an issue. I was wondering for a long time what the best title for the post would be. And then I stumbled across this post and in my books it says it all. The only thing I’d like to add is the following picture:

A twisted world, isn’t it?

And yes, I know it’s not something to make jokes about, still I couldn’t resist adding this pic: