Blast From The Past – No Need For Fake Friends

A post on a blog that I just only discovered made me think about friendship, distance and value of friends. Although the post on Nirvanamamablog is more about friendships and distance it made me think about the value of true friends more than about keeping up friendships over a huge distance. I believe that true friendships last no matter of the circumstances and that if you have a true connection 22hours plane ride and up to 10 hour time difference won’t break it.

Those are the friends you can not see for months but when you get together you pick up where you left it immediately. Those are the friends who understand you, no words needed. Those are the friends you can build on and trust. I have shared my thoughts about the value of true friends before. Over time you will encounter fake friends. I think it’s just something that belongs to life and maturing. It’s a lesson we all have to learn. The one thing that matters is to accept that not everyone is meant to stay. It’s learning to let go of the ones that are not worth hanging on to and not to shed a tear for. If a fake friend disappears it’s never a loss. In the contrary! You will only gain from it.

I hope you enjoy this Blast From The Past about fake friends and what I think of them (also inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Learning)…

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The Value Of Time

How do we value time? How do we treat the time we have available? Do we think about time running out until it is actually too late?

I’ve heard that the biggest regret dying people list is not having spent enough time with their loved ones, with their kids or spouses, families or friends. “I worked too much and never made time for my family!” Unfortunately when it’s too late it’s too late. There is no second chance when it comes down to time which ran out.

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