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Sometimes I can’t shake the feeling that we live in a messy world. So much going on. School shootings, wars, pollution. And we are in the middle of all of that. Maybe we are paying attention to all of it. Maybe we are ignoring it. Maybe it is not getting to us because it’s not our family that got blown up. maybe it’s because the school where the mass shooting happened is not even close to where we live. And maybe our beach looks pristine and clean.

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Let’s Never Forget…

One of the most important things to teach our kids is what happened in WWII, most importantly in regards to the Holocaust. The horror this part of our history has put on so many families can most likely never benn understood entirely by someone not involved. Neither can the fact that people are actually capable of actions as horrific as the ones back then. 

How can you possibly explain while you, yourself have no explanation. I guess by telling your kids about it and letting them know that you can’t explain the why and how… most important lesson: Let’s never forget about it and make sure history won’t repeat itself…

Henry V in the Garden of Eden

You never stop learning…


It is probably the best known and most quoted of Shakespeare’s dramatic speeches.     King Henry 5th astride his fidgety horse as it stumbles sideways, startled by the flapping flags & banners and the sounding of steel on the morning of the Battle of Agincourt.   He stills his horse with a pull up of the reigns; the steed’s shaking head snorting nasal steam on the cold air.

Facing his troops and lifting his long-sword high in the air like a lightening conductor, Henry reminds them of the aggincourtstrength and determination they need for the coming onslaught by the French who outnumbered the English six to one.

It’s a big Speech and a big ask; between stiffening the sinews and shoring up the breaches in the wall with our English dead the foot soldiers must keep in mind Harry, King, country and St George.   It’s a loud speech because it must reach…

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Blast From The Past – You Are Not Only Serving Your Country

I’ve read somewhere that it is “Thank A Veteran Day” today. I’m not sure if that is really the case, but you know what? It really doesn’t matter. I’m not a fan of war. I’m not a fan of going out there shooting people. But that the sad part is that there is war. And unfortunately there are some pretty crazy people out there who manage to go completely nuts and actually make the rest of the world feel the need to step up and do something against them. In those cases that means war.

So to all of those who go out there or who went out there to protect the freedom of everyone else: Thank you! I wish you would have not have to do it. I wish you would have not seen what you’ve seen. I wish you would have not had to suffer. Thank you for the sacrifices you made.

And here, as a Blast From The Past, is a post I wrote just about a year ago…

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Your Stories – Mr Perfect And Mr Right! By Becky

Finally! Another beautiful love story for my feature ‘Couples‘! Isn’t it amazing how people just find together? Thank you so much Becky, from Restart Urgently Needed, for sharing your story with me here. Please head over and check out her blog and her inspiring story of which you’ll catch glimpses here. I believe we all can learn from her experience.

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