Blast From The Past (the second) – What If?

After reading my post “If I Only Met You Today”, Me – Who Am I, a blogger I can only recommend visiting, left a really thought provoking comment for me.

Although this is a very sad letter and seemingly a hurtful and drawn out experience, I appreciate your honesty. The truth in this post really touches my heart. If we knew how people would later treat us, would we have avoided them to begin with? Hmm…I don’t know. Even those who have hurt me, have taught me. Maybe without them, I would be missing an important link to what’s made me who I am today. Wow…you’ve got me thinking. I just wrote my own post for this prompt, but mine took a completely different turn than yours. Now I want to write part two. 🙂

How very true. It got me thinking again about who I would be without this person in my life. And I agree that maybe, or most probably, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Of course the old “What if” question immediately pops in my mind. What if things would have been different? What if I would have really only met that person today? What if I would have not had the experience I had? Would I still be who I am and where I am today?

So I went back and read a post of mine again, it’s one of my earlier posts on this blog. And although I’ve already posted it as a blast of the past this year, I’d like to do it again. As the question “What if” never really disappears form your life. It’s all too present and probably something that keeps us questioning our very move all the time.

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