The Emptiness In Your Head

My heart is full. I’m happy. Life is good and we all have a wonderful time. I’m not just painting a picture. I really think that sometimes when you have to face some obstacles your perspective shifts and you appreciate all the little things.

While my hear is full I feel like my head is empty. A dangerous statement to make, right? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I can’t think anymore. My head is empty in regards to writing. Over the last couple of weeks I came to the conclusion that writer’s block is real and it feels rather painful.

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Blast From The Past – Writer’s Block?

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It has gotten to me too. That thing called writer’s block. I have thought about it often, read about it even more. So many bloggers experience it. This lack of inspiration or ideas. I wondered when it would struck, if it would at all get to me too. It did. So I figured that I share a couple of my thoughts about it today. Together with a post from a while back as a Blast Of The Past.

For weeks now I struggle with the usual flow of ideas and words and I don’t really know how to tackle it. At least I know where it’s coming from, so that’s a start. It’s not the lack of ideas. It’s not the lack of inspiration. It’s my brain being occupied with other things that weigh heavy on me at the moment.

I do have ideas but if I’m not quick enough to write them down or even write the post they disappear in the jungle of other thoughts about those issues I’m dealing with currently. Those thoughts simply take over and push everything else so far back in my mind that it almost gets lost.

I know that once everything is solved those cloudy thoughts will disappear and leave room for everything else again. Until then I need to make sure I try to keep them in check and make an effort to find the other thoughts, pull them out from their little corner and nurture them. After all, writing gives me enough pleasure to make this effort.

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Writer’s Block?

We often hear about writer’s block over here in our blogger community. It’s something that scares us, maybe even haunts us.

I never really faced writer’s block. I was never at the point where I felt I simply have nothing to put on paper. But there were times, when I just felt the words would not flow out my fingers that easily. Times, I thought I could not really express what I wanted to. Days, on which my posts seemed empty.

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