Struggle and Control

I’m back at the point where I struggle. I struggle with keeping on track with my healthy eating, although I approved again (and if only a little bit), I struggle with not being able to workout due to throwing my back out end of last week in the last exercise of my workout. And I struggle with the fact that I got slowed down once again.

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Not The Easiest Time

Definitely not the easiest time of the year to start a diet. But then, what time of the year really is, right? You always find an excuse to only start next week. You always find an excuse to have that additional treat. You always find an excuse for that second or third helping. Some people even find an excuse to eat ice cream combined with chips (or crisps) for breakfast (I know… shocking!).

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Started The Climb Up

Just about ten days ago I’ve mentioned how much I struggle with my workouts. Not with the routine! Oh no! With the actual workout. After being away from my regular workout for way too long it felt like standing on the bottom of a mountain, not sure if and how I will ever get back up there. Up where I used to be, climbing with a certain ease before I had to stop training while it now suddenly felt like impossible to even do the first step.

I knew it would be hard. I knew my body would have lost strength, fitness. And still it hit me hard. The good thing is: I did not give up. I could have and I thought about it for a brief little moment. But I didn’t. Ten days later I can say that I’ve started my climb up and that my pace is slowly getting stronger and faster and more confident.

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Sweating It

Done! I am done! I am so glad this workout is done. I am in my second month of a 3 month workout plan and it starts getting easier but also harder day by day. I can feel how much my body already progressed since I’ve started the program and how much it has bounced back after being sick for a couple of days.

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Officially Sore

I feel sore today. And it is my fault. I did not stretch well enough yesterday, was in a bit of a hurry after the workout. I am pretty happy with my workout week again as I stuck to the plan. I am just trying to figure out now how I can incorporate the running again into the training, as I want to be able to run 10km until April latest. But with the current workout schedule it seems a bit tricky.

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On Track

I feel like I am on track with my goals re fitness and health. Although eating-wise it could still be slightly better, I managed to drop weight again. What I do like is how much better I already feel doing the workouts. This is what I’ve done last week, just to give you a little idea:

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Thought I give you a little update on my journey to a healthier and fitter self.

The week did not really go according to plans. It already started with not sticking to my detox days on Monday and Tuesday, due to all sort of excuses. Oh well… Although I did not manage to start the week with those detox days, I managed to stick for most of the remaining week to a healthier eating approach.

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The Truth

And here it is: The truth. I am a Taurus! You did not see this coming, right? But there is more, just wait…

As a Taurus I love the good things in life. Good food, good company, good wine, good times. Picture a Taurus. What a massive creature. And therefor I am sometimes a bit lazy and “heavy to move”. I can be so stubborn, which can be a bad thing but also a good thing.

A good thing because I can stick to things. Stuff that I really want to achieve. I will do it. But I need to have my mind set to it. I will pull through it, the way an ox pulls a heavy object and I might as well run you over if you are in my way. I don’t want to, I do not mean to but it just might happen.

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