My Picks Of The Week #42

It’s that time of the week again. For those of you who only started following me this week: Every Saturday I mention 10-15 blogs with a post I enjoyed reading. If you want to check out my picks of the previous couple of weeks, head over to Picks Of The Week. So here are the links to the posts I enjoyed reading this week:

Isn’t it interesting how people blame others for stuff nobody can really do anything about it? Why is that? Love all of 20/20 Hines Sight’s post and especially the quote “When you blame others, you give up your power to change” at the end. Are we to busy to take responsibility and therefor blame stuff on others. In any case, as Belle Jar points out: We hide behind busy, we try to keep ourselves busy, we feel bad if we were not busy enough… and so on! Why is ‘busy’ such a important word nowadays? Love her take on “Stop the glorification of busy!”…

Of course there are again a couple of posts about homeschooling and parenting that I would like to mention to you. So please head over to the following blogs and check out their posts:

As we all know by now, there is a difference between imagining being a mom and being a mom ;-).  And TK Loves found it out as well. Maybe Sara, of Happiness is Here, would have been able to give her some advice. Loved her guest post on Childhood 101 ‘Dear Mama, follow your heart‘!

Love According to Courtney’s take on homeschooling and the why. And ‘Oh crap. Potty training‘ speaks my mind when it comes down to the discussion if we shelter our kids too much from the world by homeschooling. Love the following post by Mellow and the Wildling and how she approached the situation with Wildling. But Also how she states what an impact our words can have in the future…

I am a strong believer in supporting your kids no matter what… Here are two stories with two different approaches by the parent… One by Cristian Mihai and one by Barenaked in Public. Both really touching…

Now this is an outstanding post as well! ‘Hold me, don’t hold me‘I so agree with you! Please go read this post! It is spot on! We would really benefit from putting the village to use again…

What would this world be without love? Now, what would you suggest to a friend falling in love? Maybe something down the line of what Vacilando suggests to his friend? If you have read my story about how I met my husband, you know that I am not the one telling you to take it slow… But I still agree with what James says in his post… A lot seems rushed nowadays…

I tried very hard to find one post to highlight here. But I just can’t. Spicy, well written and with a pinch of humor the Opinionated Man tackles a lot of subjects on his blog. Apparently he ones killed off the Easter Bunny… Claims it was by accident… Haven’t found that post but will definitely try to find it.

Our actions can hurt. Especially words. This post on Artists4Peace is a good reminder that abuse is not only physical but our words can do a lot of damage too. Thankfully I was never a victim of abuse but I know of people who were. The numbers The Other Side Of Ugly mentions in her post are just shocking. And a good reminder for us to keep our eyes and ears open for the people around us. When I read her post and saw those numbers I looked up the numbers about Domestic Violence in Australia. Now imagine how many people in the world have to go through this…

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