My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #17

Thanks to the A to Z Challenge you “see” April pass by so much clearer because of the letters you go through. I had the impression we were only just at A and yet X was posted already too. So no surprise that this one here will be the last pick of the week in April.

Back when we were still in Switzerland April meant spring, even almost start of summer. It meant that everything was blooming and the days became longer and warmer. Now down here it’s of course the opposite. The leaves get colorful, the days shorter and it is much colder already.

I hope you enjoyed your April and the last week of it and will be able to spend a fantastic last April weekend with your loved ones. And now let me present you my picks of the week and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did…

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X-Men and X-Fit

I know, I know… first of all you’d write Cross-Fit and not use the X. But X is the letter of the day and hey, I’m just writing about the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. So I wonder if the X-Men gang is doing X-fit? I mean look at all those muscles and that’s what cross-fit is about, right? A fit and toned, muscular body. At least it seems so.

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Wanderlust – #atozchallenge


“Wanderlust Definition: A strong desire to travel.”

I love traveling and for my liking it’s almost been too long since we last boarded a flight. I do feel that strong desire to travel or the Wanderlust, if you want so. For me heading out there discovering the world always has something exciting and I love that we always had the philosophy that our kids should experience the world with us. What I thought would be a normal thing obviously is seen very differently by other people. I was surprised to learn that some people actually think it’s a waste of time and money to take your kids along your trips rather then seeing it as a fantastic chance to make memories and discover this planet together. Each to their own…

What I have also learned is that although it’s great to get out of your hood your area can provide you with as many adventures and sights to see as an overseas trip. Sometimes beautiful things are right outside of our door and we just have to head out and discover them too…


A to Z Challenge 2017

Vision – #atozchallenge

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Many years ago when I thought about starting blogging for the first time I had this vision. A vision of a successful blogger, typing away, changing lives, educating people, making a change in the world. I had this vision of this blogger who knew what he was writing about, never doubting that what he or she put out there would be right. I had this vision of a blogger who never struggled to come up with words or subjects to write about, filling page after page after page. And I had this vision of all those people reading every single post that was written, soaking it up as if it was the first rays of nice warm sunshine after a icy cold night.

Maybe it was my vision that kept me from starting my blog earlier.

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