Bunny Fence – Did You Know…

… That the State Barrier Fence of Western Australia, formerly known as the Rabbit Proof Fence, the State Vermin Fence, and the Emu Fence, is a pest-exclusion fence constructed between 1901 and 1907 to keep rabbits and other agricultural pests, from the east, out of Western Australian pastoral areas.

There are three fences in Western Australia: the original No. 1 Fence crosses the state from north to south, No. 2 Fence is smaller and further west, and No. 3 Fence is smaller still and runs east–west. The fences took six years to build. When completed in 1907, the rabbit-proof fence (including all three fences) stretched 2,023 miles (3,256 km). The cost to build the fences at the time was about £167 per mile ($250/km).
When it was completed in 1907, the 1,139-mile (1,833 km) No. 1 Fence was the longest unbroken fence in the world.


33 thoughts on “Bunny Fence – Did You Know…

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  2. Okay, let’s deal. The pythons are wiping out all the small mammals in that part of Florida, all due to a few irresponsible pet owners turning their snakes loose when they tired of them. Your bunnies were part of a well meaning program. Either way, it’s a disaster. So supposing we establish a balance of nature? You send some bunnies, we’ll send some snakes and you can send any of your spiders that actually prey on snakes (or bunnies).

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