Light And Darkness

Another shocking act of hate has rattled the USA and also the rest of the world. People try to find an explanation. But nothing can really explain an act of violence like this.

I woke up to feeds full of the sad news about the Orlando shooting. I woke up to reading the word terrorism over and over again. I woke up reading that IS is involved. But here is what I think: I think this was one sick low life who had no understanding for respect and love and life. It was the act of a creature who had such low self esteem that he had to beat his wife in order to feel superior. It was the act of a nobody who had no control over his anger. It was the act of an arrogant who can’t accept that love can strike everyone and that it doesn’t matter if you are gay, lesbian or straight. Love is love and there’s nothing you can do against it.

Honestly: Does it really matter if he had ties to IS? Does it? Does he need to be one of them?

HE, on his own, all by himself did an awful thing. He had a gun that HE fired. A gun that in my books should not be out to be purchased by anybody. For what would you need a weapon like this if not to mass murder? I’m not going to bring up the gun law situation in the USA. Frankly I have my strong believes here and I know that they are very different to what most of you believe. And that’s okay. Now let’s just talk about that kind of weapon and I make it short: Take it off the market! You don’t need a weapon like this to defend your family. You don’t even need it to go hunting (unless you are a very weird hunter…). This thing is for pure pleasure and that pleasure starts with the idea of killing… Of course I’m always happy to hear your take on it…

Anyway. I think we give “credit” to the wrong thing here. We make this act of hate of one individual into a political thing. We make it about religion. In “we” I mean the media at the moment. Everyone who jumps on the terrorist train. I doubt this was about religion. I doubt it was about a group. Terrorism? Yes maybe, but one guy terrorizing what HE didn’t want to accept. One guy playing up. One guy going insane. This is about the hate one individual had inside of him. An irrational hate.

We feed them, you know. We feed all of them if we give them the credit and the exposure. It’s what they want, right? He was not a warrior. Not a warrior for a terrorist group. He was a weak, angry, crazy creature with no control over his emotions. He was as weak as it can get.

Let’s not give him or any other low life like him the strength they never had and will never have.

I’d like to quote a good friend of mine:

just like it could have been any of you at that movie theater in Colorado or your children @ Sandy Hook. the painful difference is, THOSE hideous attackers were not ONCE thanked or congratulated on a job well done…like what is happening right now. this atmosphere of hate is very real. the uneducated decision to “make America white again” gives a visually easy & very dangerous solution. it cancels out ALL other colors. it cancels out me.
this is how i end ALL of my yoga classes:
“i truly believe we only keep what we have by giving it away & we all have so much & by that i mean: patience, a kind word, a second chance. if you give any of that away you will get it back & you will get it back today”…i will try. – The Madonna Pages


11 thoughts on “Light And Darkness

  1. I have been thinking about this situation all day today since I first woke up and heard the news. (Also keeping in mind, I think it was Friday, we had a 22 year old girl who had just finished a concert get shot signing autographs…) I totally agree with you on the subject of what does it really matter if he had ties to any outside groups.. His act wasn’t a terrorist fueled tragedy… Not in the sense that everyone wants to make it out to be. He knew exactly where it was he wanted to go, and he did exactly what he went there for. Its so sad that we Americans have to immediately tie it to outside threats, because people have still yet to accept the real reason. Because it is 2016 and people still want to live in 1930… Sorry for the ranting comment.. Things like this just get to me and make me realize the world my son is going to grow up in… And its sad.
    This is a great post, if only there were more people who had at least a sliver of the same thought process…

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    • It’s sad… but I think we can do a lot by speaking our mind. By making our kids see what’s right and wrong and by not letting people like this guy destroy everything.


  2. It’s pathetic. More shocked is the utterances of some people on social media my cousin had earlier posted about who were happy it happened simply because their religion forbade it. Christians and Muslims alike. I was speechless. Its real hatred for real. But why?

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  3. I totally agree with you. Assault weapons need to be banned. We as Americans need to take cues from other countries pertaining to gun violence. Australia has it right, why can’t the United States? Oh that’s right, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has way too much power in this country. They have so many politicians in their back pockets. How many more people have to die before we wake the f*&k up?

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    • Frustrating, isn’t it?… Unfortunately nobody knows the answer. All I know is that if everyone is fed up and stands up for it then something will happen. Unfortunately you still have plenty of people actually thinking that carrying a weapon is better than not to…

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  4. You said it very well and I like what your yoga friend said too. I don’t give any energy to the fear mongering the media is spreading. This is how tyranny gets a foothold. This man was unbalanced and just plain mean. Any excuse to lash out and vent his insecurities. My heart breaks for his victims but I don’t want to give the media circus any more ammunition either. I so agree that there is no reason to have these kind of weapons. Most people with guns don’t kill other people. But the crazy ones make the news. What is wrong that we have such a damaged society?

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