My Picks Of The Week – #51

End of the year is fast approaching. Here we go again with my picks of the last week. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Rethinking Life
So much to think about, such a strong message.

Far Beyond The StarsI love the entire Chronicles but the tides and moon is probably my favorite. All of Perse’s Chronicles are very well explained and very informative. A good read!

How very interesting and who would have thought! Loved to learn something new!
And I found another post of this blogger here, which I just wanted to share with you today. This would have been perfect for my “Nature Chills Challenge” a few weeks back…

Die Zeit
Very interesting info about so many things you hear about dieting and all so called healthy habits…

Victims To Charm
Pretty interesting numbers…

Kindness Blog
What a good lesson to learn. Something I will definitely want to incorporate in one way or another. Still I think we should also not forget to think of the future. Maybe just slightly differently…

Suzie81 Speaks
Have a look at those great posts…

The Dad Letters
A touching story and one I can relate to, as I judge those dogs as well. Although I heard so many amazing stories about pit bulls. They still scare me. Mostly because I don’t know them… I love how he manages to spread a very deep and important message with the story about his dog. Loved it!

It had me in tears! What a funny story and all of us parents know that sometimes the things our kids say can be… let’s say slightly embarrassing too…

Eclectic Elcie
Oh, I so agree…

Thoughts By Mello-Elo
What a beautiful idea. Imagine we would all suddenly sit together and enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee and have a conversation with each other… I for sure found some pretty cool blogs thanks to this post. Still not entirely sure why I would have a conversation about religion but hey, I am open for everything… 😉

Grumblings Of An Angry Bear
Not much to add to this…

Pretty brave from both of them…

Just read it! Very interesting!

15 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #51

  1. Sorry to take so long in thanking you for the kind inclusion on your list – it has been crazy busy recently in the usual pre-Christmas sort of way! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my posts, and feel very honoured to be included in your favourites for the week. Thank you. I’m looking forward to finding some quiet time over Christmas and looking at the others on the list. 🙂

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