I thought long and hard about which symbol I would choose for this photo challenge. There are a couple in my life that have some significance for me.

Of course there is my wedding ring. And there is my favorite necklace which symbolizes my family. And there are older pieces that are still important to me.

There is the The Hand Of Fatima which for me stands for protection from the evil, or there is my Ankh, which is my key of life. I might get back to those two symbols another time to talk about their significance for me. Today I decided to share this picture with you. The picture of a symbol that helped me get stronger and focus more on what I actually want in life rather than following everyone else’s ideas. It’s a little golden dagger. A little pendant I got in a moment where I needed something to focus on.

The dagger was my reminder of being able to protect myself, of being strong and not helpless. It was my little reminder of the fact that some people are backstabbers. And also that although you are in the possession of a dagger you don’t necessarily have to hurt people with it. This little piece of jewelery holds a lot of meaning for me. It reminds me that I can always cut myself free when I feel tied up. And although I don’t wear it anymore I know it’s there. And it reminds me of my strength.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Symbol

12 thoughts on “Symbol

  1. Wow! I am surprised and I love that! Were I to walk down the street and see a lady wearing a dagger on a chain, I would not have thought that she needed reassurance of her strength or that she’s reminding herself not to trust just everyone. I love this! Very good choice for the symbol challenge!

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