A Proud Mom

I very rarely (or do I ever?) write about my kids’ achievements. Not because I’m not proud of them but because I feel it kind of belongs to just us. No offense, please… But today I just can’t keep not writing about it. I’m just so proud. Even more than usual.

Today was the first time both of my kids competed in Taekwondo. Although it’s always a thrill to watch my son fight I kind of feel used to it in a way. He did so many competitions already and knows what he has to do. And still it’s always different. I admire him for stepping on the mats, knowing that he will be kicked and that he will have to kick. I admire him for always fighting clean and fair, for giving everything ever single time. I admire him for being disappointed after a loss and still manage to smile at his opponent and tell him how well he fought. I admire him for smiling after winning without making his opponent feel bad about losing.

Today I admired him for many more reasons.

Today I admired him for being there for his little sister after his fights, looking after her, explaining everything to her, warming her up and being ready to coach her. Today I admired him for reacting the way he did after hearing that he cannot coach her and for finding her a great coach. Today I admire him for supporting her the way he did. What a great son and what a great big brother.

I admired my little daughter for managing the excitement and nervousness so well. I admire her for listening to her brother and to the people in charge so well. I admired her for her reaction when she heard that her brother wouldn’t be allowed to coach her. I admired her for stepping on the mat and fighting the way she did. I admired her for ending the fight going strong although she got hurt. I admired her for not giving up. I admired her and honestly also her opponent for hugging each other after the fight, for fighting a fair fight and for being the beautiful warriors they were and still are.

My son set an example 3 years ago when he fought his very first important competition. He got hurt back then and didn’t stop until the fight was over. My daughter did the same today.

As much as I want to run on the mat, hug my children and take them with me, protect them and make them feel better, I admire how they keep going. The strength they obviously have. I could have never done it. I remember how I wanted to go get my son back then, how I wanted to say to him that he should not keep competing because I just didn’t want him to get physically hurt and disappointed. I didn’t. Because I knew how much it meant to him.

Same today with my daughter. It’s probably the hardest feeling to stand there and watch your child get hurt and hear her cry and not being able to go in there and hug her…

She’s on her way home now with her dad, happy to have her first competition under her belt. Happy about having won a silver medal and happy about “finally” having the chance to use crutches…

Children are amazing and today I’m once more a very happy and a very proud mom…

26 thoughts on “A Proud Mom

  1. Oh, I so understand your pride. That is awesome to see them acting and reacting in such a loving, respectful, reasonable way, and also going for their goals. And that already in such a young age. Wonderful!

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  2. I understand your pride, and your reluctance to discuss them in your blog. It’s a pledge I made when I started here, choosing to keep their lives private. So glad you could share this moment. ☺

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  3. Nothing wrong with being the ‘proud momma’ and going through all those emotions. Big congrats to your kids for handling themselves so maturely!

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  4. It’s a heartwarming account. You are a proud mom Sandra πŸ™‚

    I hope they would get to read it and understand how much it all means to them πŸ™‚

    I wish you and your family very best.

    Have a great week ahead.

    Anand πŸ™‚

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  5. You are a good and loving Mom for want ing to go out and hug you child when they get hurt. But, you are a fabulous Mom for letting them go out and compete, for letting them test their limits and strength knowing that they may get hurt. You are allowing them to learn and grow nd become the person they need to be. ❀

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    • Turns out she actually fractured her foot… I have no words for how much I am in awe of her. She kept going. With a fractured foot. Nobody would have pushed her to keep going. She could have stopped but she didn’t… How amazing is that?! I hope that she will always remember that. Remember what she’s capable of doing…

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  6. These are such wonderful reasons to be proud momma! It’s not about earning the highest achievement but the strength and courage it takes! I love this post for so many reasons, I too try not to blog or post on Facebook about my kids achievements. I am not one of those moms who post report cards on Facebook. Thanks for linking up this week πŸ™‚

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