Isn’t it crazy how much people struggle with getting older? And by that I don’t mean with the fact that the years you have still ahead of you are getting less. I kind of get that. What I mean is the fact that so many people struggle with the idea of facing the physical change. All the little changes our body goes through. I wonder why that is the case.

We all know it. Once we reach a certain age our body starts changing in a way that might not be thrilling to some of us. Some body parts might move south while, loosing weight is much harder than gaining it. The skin gets drier. And then there are the dreaded wrinkles!

The reason we react in such a way is probably not hard to find. Look at all the advertisement all over. Beautiful, skinny and young models who on top of their youth have been photo-shopped to an extreme to make them appear even younger, even prettier, even more faultless.

We have become a society where there is no more room for something or someone old. Old no longer means wise or valuable. It means gone. Over. Ready to be thrown out.

I remember being in the middle of a facial about 10 years ago. I was just about mid 30ies at that time. The young woman (she was probably not even mid 20ies yet) did a great job with the facial. I remember how much I enjoyed the massage and the products she applied. She did a great job up to a certain moment.

“You should start doing something about your wrinkles.”


Oh should I???

bitch animated GIF

While she said that she was gently running her fingers over the so called crow feet or the fine lines that appear when you smile or laugh on the side of your eyes. I call it the signs of happiness…


And I should start doing something about them!

In my mid 30ies!

That was it. My relaxing facial was no longer relaxing. Not because I was worried that my face obviously seemed wrinkly to someone who knew what she was talking about. Or at least thought she would. Not because I was worried about how my appearance was changing or that I was obviously getting older. Oh no.

I was slowly starting to steam up. Or let’s call it getting angry. Honestly, I was reaching the boiling point and was seriously considering walking out of the treatment and not paying her.

What was she thinking!

First of all it was a pretty stupid thing to say to a customer. If your customer is not asking for it, then don’t try to sell products that make your face look like a mask. If you want to sell it, then at least wait until the treatment is over. And choose your words wisely.

After taking a couple of deep breaths and calming down I simply replied with “I like my face the way it is” and didn’t add anything to that anymore.

I do like my face the way it is. The only things I don’t like in my face are pimples but I don’t have to worry about them that often. I love the lines that show my age, the wrinkles. I love that my face moves when I smile. I love that there are crow feet on the side of my eyes.

It’s me, it’s my face. I love the fact that you can see the years I’ve been on this planet in it. My face tells a story. And each change is another line in the book of my life. Why would I want to erase it?

It’s a shame that we don’t cherish getting older anymore the way it was used to be done. I find that there’s beauty in an older face. And although the skin might be wrinkly and the bones tired there might still be fire in the heart. Never forget that!

52 thoughts on “Wrinkles

  1. I’m trying to grow old gracefully. I still have my teeth (though not so many), my hair is still dark (though grey is taking over faster than it was) and my laughter lines resemble a road map. But do I care? No, not really. What you see is what you get. ME! πŸ™‚

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  2. Beyond the physical, there is the mental. I was out last night and we ended up at a club. I felt so old, because it was just not my scene. And then I remembered that even in my early 20’s I hated the club scene. Now I feel less old, just more tasteful.

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  3. I am pretty much ok with growing old. I love the battle scars on my face–literally, I have scars from accidents that I’ve had and I would NEVER have surgery to get rid of them because they add character. What I don’t like about ageing is the media’s obsession with youth. I actually have a funny blog post on this aging process that I wrote today! I think you will like it. Anyway, I agree with everything you wrote and your post is absolutely excellent! XOXO!!!

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  4. You are so right, Sandra! Why do we “have to” do someting about our wrinkles? OK, I try to keep my skin in shape as good as possible. But I keep it at base with simply products. I don’t even want to look like 20 anymore. My face is the result of 45 years on this planet. It has its marks and wrinkles and they tell a history. Great post, Sandre, as always!!!😊

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  5. I have no problem getting older, I just refuse to age gracefully. I will be kickin’ n screamin’ and makin’ a ruckus the entire time!


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  6. Nooooo! I just turned 50 and I’m trying to turn back the hands of time. I don’t want wrinkles. I don’t want the menopause. I’m rebelling for as long as I can. Having said that … I know I’m fighting a losing battle! Haha

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  7. I beg to differ, it is not always harder to lose weight than to gain weight. I get that that’s usually the case, but I have an older family member who has the *most* trouble gaining weight. In fact, we’re all worried sick about it. She’s not going to weather through her next illness and she never eats enough to stretch out her stomach. I’ve long since gotten used to her wrinklesβ€”it’s her skin and bones I worry about!

    So maybe her case is an odd one, but…just sayin’!

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      • Same thing with my family member. I guess 80 is just my definition of “old.” I don’t consider wrinkles on 40-year-olds actual wrinkles. Call me weird, but…

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      • Sets a great example. I have a friend who freaked out when she turned 30! 30!!! She was freaking out in the way of “my life’s over now, I’m old”! I mean seriously? The fun begins at 30! Why would you freak out???

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      • You know, you’d make a great Cardassian. And by that I mean the antagonistic aliens of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In one of the earlier episodes, Dr. Bashir complains that he’s turning 30 and he can’t enjoy this birthday, and his Cardassian friend Garak is perlexed. He can’t understand why humans don’t associate age with the gathering of wisdom and cunning. On Cardassia, the older you are, the more revered you are.

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  8. Really liked this post, and isn’t it true a few mistakes make you wiser. Although, we can learn from others’ mistakes too but until you won’t fall, you will not know how to collect yourself and struggle to rise again.. Good post

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  9. My great grandmother was a real beauty when she was young. She was a nice woman too, a little ditzy but kind. There was this time she wouldn’t step out of the house because one of her grandkids had joked about how saggy her skin had become and how her husband will dump her and elope with a younger prettier woman. My great grandad, not really a romantic, got annoyed with this attitude and told her LOUDLY while standing at the doorstep for all the neighbours to hear that saggy is good because saggy means there’s more of her for him to love! Translating it in English makes it sound a little less crude that it really was. It must have worked because they went on to have 2 more kids, totalling it to 10, after that. :$

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  10. As I am growing older, I am probably more health aware. I am trying to take care of my skin and watch my weight but it not from a beauty regime point of view or for others, it is more I am enjoying life and I am looking forward to the many adventures I will have in my 50’s 60’s 70′ and 80’s so I want to be healthy and ready for it! Do I want to turn back the clock? Hell no! Been there, done that, loved it and looking forward to the rest, wrinkles and all!

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  12. http://www.cmt.com/videos/frankie-ballard/1173289/young-crazy.jhtml
    Hopefully, the above link will get you to video of a song from US Country charts titled “Young and Crazy” which includes the lyrics “How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise if I ain’t ever young and crazy?”
    For myself, I have never looked at the outside details, other than the gray hairs which I used to pluck till there were just too many. Now I just have them colored.

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      • I had a conversation about a silver-haired lady with my mom when I last visited her. That look is wonderful if the lady in question has “the right coloring” similar to red hair I imagine. I bet former redheads can go silver beautifully. Not so sure that natural dark browns with pale complexions like myself can carry it off as well. Besides that, I color my hair as a compromise with my spouse who agreed to accept that in place of long hair. (Does that make him a Jackaroo? JK!) I also have that quarterly event as an excuse to enjoy some pampering.with a purpose!

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