Through Your Eyes

If only we could see ourselves through someone else’s eyes from time to time. Maybe we would not be half as critical with our appearance… I always loved this song by Lunic and the message behind it. Just imagine you could actually see yourself through a different pair of eyes every now and then… What would you see?

My different pair of eyes are my husband’s. And he definitely sees me in a different way than I often do. When he explains what he sees I often don’t find words. I don’t handle compliments that well, you know 😉

9 thoughts on “Through Your Eyes

  1. This is a great post. I hold the bar very high for myself so naturally sometimes I fail to reach the level I set and I get down on myself. My son will give me a hug and say something like “Mom, chill a bit here” and list all the reasons he thinks I’m amazing. Some days I can’t help but wonder if I am the person he sees.

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