I Saw A Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star the other night. A big shooting star. As clear as I’ve never seen one before. It was one of those wow moments. One of those moments you really don’t know what to say. It was so beautiful. So mesmerizing and so quickly over. We were sitting there with friends and all I could say was that I just saw a shooting star.

Of course everyone told me to make a wish.

I couldn’t. I was sitting there, still in awe of what I saw and I just couldn’t make that wish. So many things were going through my mind. Many things I could wish for. And then at the same time the thought crossed my mind, that I actually have it all. When I was asked if I made my wish, I said no. I said, that I needed more time to actually think about what would be the best thing to wish for. I was told that it does not work that way.

I know that. At the same time, though, I couldn’t decide that quickly. Every wish I would shoot out in that instance would not have felt right. I wanted to make it count.

Maybe I wasted my wish because I didn’t make it. I would have wasted it as well though, if I had wished for the wrong thing.

I wonder if you can really lose your wish. It’s something really special to see a shooting star. I think it’s meant to be. You can sit there and wait for them to appear, especially on a shooting star prone night like we had last week. But you can still miss them if you are not meant to see them. Or you can sit inside, having dinner with friends and look out the window in the right moment and see one fly by.

So how can you possibly miss out on your wish just because in that instant, in the moment you are stunned by what you just witnessed, you can’t come up with a wish that would make sense for you and for your family?

Do you believe that a shooting star offers you a wish? Do you believe that this wish will come true? And how fast do you think you have to make it in order for it to work out? In the end it’s all a superstition, isn’t it? Like the black cat crossing the road and so on. But then it’s so rare. It’s so special. It’s unique.

I believe that I got a little gift form the universe and that I can make my wish when I’m ready to make it. There’s no expiring date on it. So I will choose wisely and make it count. I will ask the universe to grant me that wish the moment I know what it truly is. And I’m getting closer by the minute.

28 thoughts on “I Saw A Shooting Star

  1. I believe that shooting stars can make wishes come true. Not really the shooting star, but the conviction of the person who believes that a shooting star can make wishes come true. But if we know that it is us and our belief we don’t need the detour with the shooting stars anymore šŸ˜Š

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  2. I love it when I am lucky and honored to see such an awe inspiring sight. A wish is putting out positive thoughts (unless they are negative ones of course) but I believe in wishes and putting it out there into the cosmos…

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  3. I haven’t seen one in a long time. Before you realize what you are seeing, the moment is over. I haven’t ever wished upon a shooting star but I think that if I get to see one again, I will wish for the time to live to see another.

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  4. And doesn’t a large part of the beauty reside in the fact that it is over so quickly, a brief flash in time that lasts for… well, how long has that flash endured for you? Suppose it took a shooting star a week or more to cross your bit of sky? How long would it hold our attention then? I work outdoors at night and am blessed with seeing them fairly often, especially near Orion at this time of year. Thanks for the mental image of this post.

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  5. I think a shooting star is agift the universe gives you and the gift is a wish. I agree that there is no expiration date. It’s lik getting a gift card for a birthday. You can use it when you are ready.

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  6. You don’t need a shooting star. You don’t need to throw a quarter in the well. Or a genie in a bottle. A wish made is a wish granted. Sometimes you might have to work for it, thought šŸ™‚

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