Blogger Party And A Happy Dance

My blogger party is still going on! Share your link in the comments 🙂

A Momma's View

jelly dance

Doing a little Happy Dance over here and somehow can’t stop thinking of a picture of a jelly fish I recently took. While watching I felt like it was dancing for me… I know, it takes some imagination to see it. Maybe you should have been there too…

Now let the jelly be a jelly… Most importantly: I just want to shout out a huge THANK YOU ALL!!!

Thank you all so much for your support, for your visits, the likes, the comments, for inspiring me and for teaching me heaps of stuff! Today I reached the amazing number of 100’000 views!

I thought I might be able to catch the 100’000th view but headed over to one of your posts to read at 99’992 views and suddenly I was at 100’006… Oh well…

What a number, right?!

When I started the blog I was hoping to find one or…

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