My Picks Of The Week #17

Can’t believe that this week is almost over. It seems the time is flying by again and there’s nothing I can do but hang on and enjoy the ride. So here’s to a hopefully fantastic weekend. I’m working on a new weekly blog event that I will introduce on Monday and makes me really excited. So keep your eyes open but first things first: Have a happy weekend you all 😉

I’m glad that officially today the girls have it easier…

The Little Mermaid
As my husband always says: House guests are like fish… after a while they stink…

Orlando Espinosa
Good one and in general a blog where you can find some good little motivational posts…

Daily Echo
Truly the saddest tale ever… and it can be told over and over again….

The Dad Letters
Good way to look at gratitude…

Don’t you dare waking me up…

Everything is energy!

The Lonely Author
Beautiful poem…

All those different kind of critics…

Enability Blog
Brought up some really good points about anxiety and following your gut feeling and the issue with the two combined…

Inspiring Max
How wonderful to be able to tip your toe in every ocean on this planet… I’m working on it…

Elizabeth Peru
About the passing of artistic souls in 2016…

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