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When you start blogging there is this abundance of tips from other bloggers. Big bloggers, small bloggers. Tips that might make sense at the moment but then, when you get in the groove start feeling weird. And this is why I think it’s the case: We are all different and what works for others might not work at all for you.

I’ve mentioned before in my post about writer’s block that I think our blogs are evolving over time. Because we evolve. We change, the world around us changes, the things that bother or make us happy change. And that also means that things that might have worked for us in the beginning might no longer work for us now.

I took it all in in my first weeks of blogging. All the tips and all the good examples. But very quickly I made one decision: I will not limit my blog to one specific niche. It’s something I’m still happy about.

The other thing I decided very early on was, that a blogging schedule will never work for me. Now here I’m a bit torn as I have some features that appear on a schedule on my blog. One of them is My Picks Of The Week, which I started very early on, and the other one is the new Tell Me Something Good. Other than that I tend to stay away from a blogging schedule. And here is why:

I find it very limiting.

When I write I write from my heart. I write about things that bother me or make me happy, things that inspire me or I find interesting or worth sharing in the very moment. Yes, sometimes I write multiple posts in a short time and rather then posting them all at once I schedule them over the next couple of days. This style of writing and posting gives me the freedom of voicing my opinion in the very moment and I feel that I would not have that chance if I would write according to a schedule. The idea alone makes me feel like a bird that got it’s feathers clipped.

I’ve written guest posts before and of course they had a deadline. The difference though is, that I had a couple of days to come up with a post I wanted to write or maybe I already had it ready in one corner of my head somewhere. So in this case I never felt pressured.

I understand of course that a blog of a certain size needs more organization. You need more control of what is happening in order to keep going and this might also be the case if you earn money with your blog. Some people also deal better with a schedule better than others. This is actually something that surprises me. I consider myself an organized person. I like schedules. But I simply can’t deal with one blogging.

What about you? Do you like a blogging schedule? And if yes, is it detailed or not?

32 thoughts on “Blogging Schedule…

  1. I was very erratic at first and have tried posting every day which didn’t work for me. I decided that one post a week which covered the week suited me best and left the rest of the week for instant posts if something moved me enough to write or if I wanted to re-blog for somebody..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. I’m new to the whole blogging experience, and I’m just not a schedule-following kind of guy. I figure I’ll do whatever feels natural. It doesn’t matter at all to me how anybody else handles their own.

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  3. I agree Sandra. I started erratic then fell into a schedule which was draining… now I do a few weekly challenges my Spidey posts and when something hits me I’ll post from the heart! Works best for me! Means days can go by without a post but then I could post 5 times in a day some days! It’s best to do what works for you!

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  4. Since my life has always been busy I had to schedule my time from the beginning on. Over time, I started doing series which I love. I love to be organized and those series make that easy for me. But since life changes and my life got busier I have had to adjust those schedules and even go back in my quantity of posts. Next week I might start working next to what I already did and I will see how this works out!

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  5. You made valid points which resonate with me.
    Our blogs change as we gain experience and learn more about what blogging means to each one of us. That’s when the tips we got in the beginners phase, may not serve us anymore.
    I think that there are two types of bloggers: the ones who do it professionally and want to monetize it, and the others who also may or not do it as a professional writer and is not interested in monetizing it.
    As I’m not a professional writer nor photographer, I experimented some of the tips, to find my way in the blogosphere, and concluded that I will post when possible, and once a week.

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  6. I don’t do scheduling. It’ll never work! I never know what’s going to happen next. Be it someone pounding on my door and friends going, Hi let’s go out. When the mood hits I go do laundry and do other stuff. I do things on the spur of the moments. I don’t do any planning etc. I agree with you about schedules being limiting!

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  7. First, I couldn’t agree more that everyone is different (!) But, since my pieces are more like, well, ‘pieces’ than ‘posts’ it works best for me to limit myself to one per week. Don’t want to commit Postal Overload!

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  8. I try to stay disciplined. When I first started to blog, I tried to post every day. Now I find that, since my posts are rather long, it’s better to try for the goal of twice or three times a week.

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  9. Part of my blog is scheduled, but not for time, just the day. Thursdays I post the answer to the questions I ask my kids. Fridays I answer their questions. Saturday is for fiction (a 100 word story) and Sunday is for sharing. The other three days I do what I want πŸ™‚ I find that scheduling gives me the mindset to write when I otherwise probably might not.

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  10. Ha! I could have written this post. I know my blog doesn’t fit into a niche. I know it is whatever is whirling around in my brain and needs to get out, but also I use it to promote my books. I’ve been looking at a weekly blog feature about a travel aspect. Thanks for making me think about blogging.

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  11. Loved this. Just starting to work these things out. Even after a week I can see how the vision for my blog is clarifying. I imagine that this process of growth, change and refinement is part of the art of blogging.

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  12. I write when the spirit moves me i.e. when I have run out of excuses! Not really, though, but more like when my inspiration and enthusiasm to express what I want to say have both really bubbled to the surface. This has begun to happen more and more often recently, though I doubt it will ever occur on a schedule. I do try to schedule the reading of a week or more worth of posts from my favorite bloggers, like you!

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