Pingbacks And Blogging

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You never stop learning, right? Every day, every moment can bring a lesson, can teach you something new. I thought I already picked up a lot in regards to blogging over the last two years and I actually thought I had the pingbacks under control. Well, seems like there is one thing I did not know about pingbacks just yet!

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A Momma’s View – Did You Know…

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… That A Momma’s View is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary today? The very first post went online on September 3rd and had no likes and comments yet. Only one day later I posted my second post and actually got 9 comments.

At the very moment, writing this post A Momma’s View had a total of  137’423 views, 42’339 visitors and features 2’010 posts. The best day with the most views so far was July 30th this year with 540 views… 2’152 beautiful people decided to follow this blog.

Amazing numbers…

You all did your thing. You came over to read my posts, you wrote posts that inspired me, left comments and likes. I can’t thank you enough!

Time to actually open that bottle, right?

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But there is more, wait for it:

  • You can actually buy me a cup of coffee by simply scrolling down and click the link πŸ˜‰ Thanks to those of you who have already invited me to a cuppa…
  • You can find A Momma’s View on Social Media:
  • Some of my pictures are available as prints on Etsy
  • And I promise I will keep writing as long as you keep reading and challenging me with your comments πŸ˜‰

Thank you all for the support you have given me over the last 2 years. It’s been a blast! I can not put in words what I’ve learned from all of you, from your posts and comments. The comments you left on my posts but also the many comments I read on other posts. I feel like I have a world full of friends. People that think alike or challenge me to look at things in a different angle. And I’m incredibly grateful for this experience.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

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About Recycling Your Old Posts…

You have seen it. My Blast From The Past posts. And maybe you have wondered if I’m struggling coming up with things to write about. Honestly, sometimes it is the case and it is a good way to make a bridge to the point where you feel you have inspiration again. Sometimes it even triggers an additional post because you feel you need to go deeper into a thought only just slightly touched in the original post.

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You Asked, I Answer

I think I harassed you enough with reblogging my “ask your question” post. We have not reached a number of 20 questions yet, but 15 are really not bad. Thank you all so much for taking part in my little Q&A “game” (it’s not over, just keep asking your questions in the comments either on the original post or here). You came up with some fun questions! And here are my answers…

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Blogging Etiquette

Whenever I write a post I put a little bit of myself out there. What I write is what I feel. Although I keep it light I sometimes can’t help addressing things that deeply move, anger or scare me. I will put my heart out there, say it the way I feel it, the way I see it.

When I do I’m aware that my opinion might not be shared by everyone. And that’s totally fine. After all blogging is about exchange of opinions, information and experiences. Which brings me to one of the things I think is important: Etiquette.

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Pleasure Of Blogger Connection

When I’m asked what I think is the biggest thing I got out of blogging I usually answer connections. Before A Momma’s View was born I would have never imagined how many new connections I would make. How many like minded people I would come across. It’s a pleasure to have met you and to meet you all, future connections…

It’s an amazing thing, you know. You suddenly get into this conversation with someone who lives somewhere across the globe but you immediately connect. You realize that you understand what the other person is saying, that they get you. Blogging is a social media as well. But the difference to all the other platforms is huge.

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120’000 views!!! Wow! All I can say is thank you! You guys are amazing! 

To celebrate this number I’d like to invite you to share a link to your blog and/or a blog you truly love to visit in the comments. Mix and mingle, connect and share! Most importantly: Remember to be kind and supportive!

Thank you so much for every like, share, view and comment!

Blogging And Networking: Meet & Greet

Blogging is all about networking as well. I know it sounds dry, maybe scary. Networking is a big word and yet it’s actually easy to do. There are so many great options out there for us bloggers to go out and network. It actually starts with writing a post and then answering to the comments left. It’s about reading posts and leaving comments. It’s about venturing out and checking out blogs of bloggers we do not know yet and who have commented on blogs we just read.

And there are many blogs out there who offer fantastic opportunity for us to connect with bloggers we have not met yet. Like The Journal or also OM’s or Danny’s regular Meet & Greets. All you need to do is drop your link and be polite enough to visit some of the other bloggers who left their links. Over time I have found so many great blogs thanks to those little parties and believe it or not also thanks to the ones I hosted.

If you feel like networking today, please head over to the original post (below) and share your link. It’s also great if you reblog this invite so your followers can take advantage of this opportunity as well. And please check out some of the links that have already been left. Who knows, there might be a great new connection around the corner for you πŸ˜‰


A Momma's View

I love meeting new people! And nothing better than socialising on a weekend. So how about a little meet & greet?

The rules are simple:

  • Introduce your blog and put the link to your most favourite post in the comments.
  • Please reblog this little invitation so that we can get as many bloggers over here to mix and mingle as possible.
  • Play nice and visit some of your fellow bloggers that have left their links.

Now let’s have fun, read some great posts and meet some new bloggers πŸ™‚

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Blogging Schedule…

When you start blogging there is this abundance of tips from other bloggers. Big bloggers, small bloggers. Tips that might make sense at the moment but then, when you get in the groove start feeling weird. And this is why I think it’s the case: We are all different and what works for others might not work at all for you.

I’ve mentioned before in my post about writer’s block that I think our blogs are evolving over time. Because we evolve. We change, the world around us changes, the things that bother or make us happy change. And that also means that things that might have worked for us in the beginning might no longer work for us now.

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Writer’s Block?

We often hear about writer’s block over here in our blogger community. It’s something that scares us, maybe even haunts us.

I never really faced writer’s block. I was never at the point where I felt I simply have nothing to put on paper. But there were times, when I just felt the words would not flow out my fingers that easily. Times, I thought I could not really express what I wanted to. Days, on which my posts seemed empty.

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