My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #9

I find myself wondering where the week has gone once again. It was a week filled with lovely moments (and some other ones too but let’s not hang on to those too much…). I can’t believe that we have entered the 3rd month of the year already and with it we have moved into a new season.

So here is my list of posts I enjoyed reading a lot this week. I apologize for it not being longer, which also means that I have not been able to read a lot of posts. Things will calm down in April again. Having said that, April also marks the month of the A to Z Challenge. A great blog challenge that I have participated for the first time last year and really enjoyed. Am honestly looking forward to covering the alphabet again in form of a post.

Anyway, hope the week treated you well and that you will have a very happy weekend, you all 🙂

The Starting End
About love and its journey…

An Armchair Perfectionist
About babies…

Ah Dad…
About a guide to parenting teenager… and about how our kids can inspire us to become better too…

All In A Dad’s Work
About things Eric will not write about…

Suzie Speaks
About being sick…

The Editor’s Journal
About making connections…

About an interesting way to see the current presidency…

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