All Fake

My lovely friends, it’s now all out in the open. We’re all fake. I do not really exist. Well I do but of course not in Australia. Because Australia is not real.

My pictures of pristine beaches are pictures from somewhere else. The Gum Trees are fake plants. The koala and kangaroo pictures are all photoshopped. The lorikeets are actually sparrows that got spray painted. Uluru is just a pile of dirt in the backyard of another fake identity. And the Sydney Opera House… well that’s actually the creation of a 4 year old playing with his legos… and Aborigines or Torres Straight People? Well… that’s also just a made up story. Or have you ever seen one??? 😜

32 thoughts on “All Fake

  1. OMG!

    Let me take a second to process all of this. I am appalled. Why?? Whyyyyyyyy? Where are you Momma?? What flag floats above your head?? (The Australian one I love so much must be fake too, right??)

    Oh dang. Where do I find the will to live now?

    Well…. partying helps a little… If you’d care to join (computer generated or not), we’d be more than happy to take a few shots with you to make the news more bearable! πŸ˜›

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  2. wait……….now you just wait a durned second there! OZ is all in my head? HOW can that BE? I bet it is in Cyranny’s head..and Larry’s head..and even (gasp! shock!) YOUR head! Are we all suffering from FAKE HEADS?

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  4. So it is “Down over”? Not under?
    So much rubbish goes around, I won’t be surprised when someone writes that France never existed…
    (And maybe someone has already posted that)

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