I sometimes wonder if there is any other continent representing the four elements so well besides Australia. The pictures above of places here in Australia represent the four elements the best for me in regards to this weeks Photo Challenge Elemental.

The ocean stands for water of course. We are surrounded by it here in Australia. The storm stands for air. The moss for earth, because nothing beats that beautiful earthy smell in the forest. And Uluru and the surrounding desert stands for fire…


When you are out and about you encounter a huge variety of different textures. And only just by putting one foot in front of the other. I’m amazed about how often the texture of certain things still surprise me. My mind decided on a certain feel while the item actually feels completely different. It’s not always the case. A feather feels like a feather, a rock of course feels like a rock, a piece of wood like a piece of wood, grass like grass, grass with frost feels like grass with frost, sand feels like sand and moss like moss.

But then there are other things like the huge piece of kelp that took me by surprise when I touched it. I was so sure it would be softer, slimier, different. Never did I expect it to feel like rubber… So we live and we learn and while being out there we keep finding the little surprises nature keeps offering us. And I wonder if all those things feel the same for the birds, flying over them, experiencing everything from a different angle and then touching it with their claws…




Is it bad to say that I find satisfaction in a good meal? But not just that. There is more…

Marvelous views are satisfying, especially after a hike…

A sip of fresh water or a good glass of wine or a fresh coffee can be satisfying…

Putting your feet into warm sand is satisfaction…

Those treasures you find on the beach are satisfying…

And sunsets are of course satisfying…


I often wonder what actually is unusual. Is it something we see that we don’t see on a regular basis? Is it something that is not according to what we consider normal? Is it something that simply stands out? So many things, so many situations can be unusual. Achievements of course as well. So I tried to put together pictures of things, moments that I consider unusual. Let me know what you think 😉

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It’s one of the things I’m planning on doing this year: The Bridge Climb of Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. The view from up there must be stunning! I know it will be a bit of a thrill for me as I have my slight issues with heights. But as long as I can put my feet on steady ground I’m fine.

The bridge connects Sydney’s CBD with the North Shore. It’s one of the icons of Sydney, a must see in a sense. And also something you sort of can’t just not see. As I have mentioned, you have the option to do a bridge climb of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, where they take you on top of it, where the flags are. While I’m fine to do it at any time, I think a sunset climb would be the most amazing thing. Here is to planning a new adventure 😉



We have regular bush fires here in Australia. A couple of years ago it was really bad. I remember that we were on our way back from Queensland and watched the horror in the news. Black Saturday was born. Last year we did a hike in the area that was affected really hard. It had been 7 years since the big fire. While nature had recovered very well and everyone living there from what it seemed as well, there were still signs of the nightmare that had happened there years ago.

I find it always amazing to see the contrast between the char-coaled trees and the fresh green vegetation. Life and Dead so close. The old and new. The past and the future. And most of all: Resilience…

Probably not the best example for “transient”. But the prompt still made me think of the black trees. There in a moment, in their fresh beauty, gone in another after fire have torn through.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Transient


Australia Snow

One moment everything is covered in beautiful white. After hours and hours of snowfall. Then the sun comes out and the snow slowly melts away. At least here in Australia and at the end of the winter season. A snowflake is something so amazing, so beautiful but also something that is disappearing from one moment to the other.


Inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent