It’s funny when you look at a picture and feel as if it was you who took it. It happened to me looking at the one posted today when looking at the one in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. So I figured I might as well share some pictures I’ve taken a couple of years ago some take form more or less the same spot and from the opposite side.

Hong Kong is an amazing city. Huge, fascinating, beautiful.

The Road Taken

I love our road trips. In fact I kind of miss being on the road right now. It’s been almost too long since we drove somewhere far. I think there is always something to spot, something new to be discovered, memories to be made. Pictures to be taken 🙂

So here are some of my favorites from road trips we’ve done over the past years. It shows the diversity of this beautiful country. From beautiful beaches to snow covered mountains


I love where the roads taken can lead you…


I love playing around with shadows. They tell you something but they don’t really reveal anything…

And then you have shadows in nature, a sign of what is there. The clouds in the sky, casting shadows on the ground, providing whatever is down there with a break from the harsh sunlight. Or the crevasses on the rock, looking like dark marks during sunset. The backside of the mountain during sunset or the inside of a flower with the shadow its peddles create. And of course the shadow underneath a branch, that lurked creatures of the forest closer to cool off…


And never forget:

Image result for quote turn your face towards the sun and shadow will fall


What does being alone mean to me? There is two different feelings attached. One of them is being lonely, the other one is being alone, solitude. The much better one is the second one of course. It gives you room to dream, to relax, to meditate, to connect to yourself and everything around you. While you can be lonely but still surrounded by people, solitude means it’s just you. You and what ever is out there. Here are my takes on solitude, pictures of places I find my solitude.


Sunsets, nature, hikes, mountains, being outside, snorkeling alongside of creatures like this beautiful turtle. Enjoying a beautiful view. It all gives me my solitude.



Today will be a scorching hot day but I can’t shake the thought of snow when reading the word graceful. It’s the picture of my Dad skiing in front of me that comes to my mind. I see him dance over the slopes. So elegant, so graceful, so at ease.

I loved skiing behind him. As a child because he was leaving the track I could follow in. As his older daughter simply because I loved watching him. He had a beautiful style, looked always connected to the mountain, to the elements, to the snow. It’s a picture that will never leave me but unfortunately one that I can’t share with you as I’ve never taken any pictures of him skiing in front of me. Sometimes I think I should have. I should have filmed him as well. But then I might not have felt it. I might have been to busy taking the shot, making sure I got him, repeating everything over and over again rather then being in the moment.

I have the pictures in my head. I have the movie playing in my head. I see him dance over the slopes, at ease with himself and with the world and I can’t help but smile…


elephant rock

Waves crashing in with their unstoppable power. Rocks standing their ground. Resilience. Being bashed over and over again and yet you stick to your ground, you remain strong.

Although the waves will have their impact, you’re still there. Standing strong. The waves don’t destroy you. They don’t break you. They shape you. You are resilient