It’s Just Plain Wrong and I am Really P*s**d

I just had to share this post! So true! Bullying needs to be taken more serious and that way earlier.

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I was surfing a bit today, trying to read all the new posts and realizing I had accidentally followed a whole lot of posts that I didn’t mean to follow, just read. So, I am cleaning up, trying to figure out why this is “perfect” and I hit a site and read a post that leaves me…cold and angry. Here’s the post, but I will go ahead and talk about it and the problem.
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Teaching school is rough today, but what makes it especially rough is if you manage to keep your feelings of compassion and have to deal with the thugs, bullies, and other people (often, including parents and other teachers) who are either part of the problem or who ignore it.

Amanda Todd’s story, unfortunately, is not abnormal today.  We live in a society in which many people, both young and old, feel…

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Trust Issues?

Outback sunsetDo I have trust issues? It is such a thing with control and trust, isn’t it? On one side you want to trust, blindly, and on the other side you just want to be sure. You want to make sure that nothing happens but where do you step over this line between trust and control?

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