Blast From The Past – When Rules Get In The Way Of A Friendship

Minecraft it is. All the time. At least for my son. He can play. Of course there are rules. And the rules sometimes cause issues. Before I tell you more in form of my little blast form the past post I need to say something though: I love watching him play while also Facetiming with his friend and talking about strategy. It’s not anti-social at all. They connect over it. They sort of create something, even if it is in a virtual world. And they plan. There needs to be a little room for that too in a day. Just a little bit…

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Make Me Smile


Sometimes the idea of how a perfect day would look like for me is not really matching the idea of a perfect day for my kids.

Well… normal, right? The idea of a perfect day for me is so far off of what they consider their perfect day. We all are different, even as adults. So how do you find the perfect middle? I guess, because we home-school we need to find this compromise more often than other families, as our kids are at home while others spend their day in school. And it can be hard to do so. Sometimes we manage to find a perfect compromise and sometimes we don’t.

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