Monkey Business – Nature Chills Challenge #3

Hahaha… these fellows really chill in nature! Thank you so much for this great post!


One of my favourite places to visit in Japan. The snow monkeys in Jigokudani, Nagano, Japan. Jigokudani means “Hell Valley” It is a snowy chilly little place with thermal activity resulting in some natural hot springs along side a swift running river. It is also the habitat for some Japanese Macaque monkeys who love to come down and bath in the pools.

These wee fellows just chill out, groom each other and soak away the stresses of monkey life in the pools, seemingly oblivious to the snappy happy tourists who come to see them. They may even be wondering why we are so shy and don’t get our kit off and get in for a soak with them. This area is for the monkeys only but they have been known to wander over to nearby hot spring lodges and use the guest pools.

I love visiting and just spending sometime chilling out…

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