My Picks Of The Week #19

This post will be slightly different than my other picks of the week posts as I have a message, I like to share in relation to one of my picks. I know that there are many of you guys out there who’ve been through a lot. This post is for you. The link I share here is for you. And for all of you who have never faced a challenge, please still check it out. Maybe there is someone out there you like to share this link with.

Now, have a great weekend everyone and enjoy my most recent picks of blog posts. Get some outside time under your belt, catch up with friends, write, dance and smile 🙂

Undiscovered And Exposed
I was nominated for this wonderful award and until now I really struggle to think of a post about it. I had my challenges in my life but compared to many of you they are too small to really accept this award. So I decided to incorporate it here and ask you all to please consider yourself a nominee, if you feel you fit the profile.

Accept it, share it and be proud of yourself! To kind of stick to the award rules: My approach to challenges in life is in general that they are also there to guide us in the right direction. I know it’s easy to say if the challenges were not major. But I guess there is a lesson in each and everyone of them and as long as we are able to one day see this message we can keep moving forward. We can keep moving forward in our river of life and swim with the current, accepting where it takes us instead of fighting it. And in doing so get exactly to where we are meant to be…

Faraday’s Candle
What an interesting post and such beautiful pictures…

My Friday Blog
There are all those little things that in the end make a huge difference for someone…

Elite Daily
I wonder what your take on this is…

She did it again in her amazing way! What a great post! Would not be able to express it in a better way…

One of the posts you read and then it makes you think. And think. And think… and is still in your head days later…

The Crow Reborn
Loving someone, but not being in love with that person? Is it possible… I guess it is…

A story I think needs to be shared…

Men and women… will we ever understand?

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