How To Speak Australian

Nope, they didn’t make us take a “how to speak Australian” course in order to get our citizenship. But I have to say it takes a little while to get used to the Australian English after moving here. Especially to realize what all the abbreviations actually mean. Here is a short and sweet “How To” for the ones of you interested.

If you ever travel to Australia also be aware that certain things have different meanings. So let’s say you get invited to join an office Barbie it doesn’t mean that you join a blond woman. You got invited to a Barbeque. If you ask then what you should wear because you might be slightly confused if it’s a casual event or not and they tell that it’s okay to be casual but to be safe wear your leather thongs then don’t get scared… It’s okay… It’s not what you think it is. Down here we call flipflops thongs…

And by the way: They not only call McDonalds Macca’s down here, it’s actually officially labeled as Macca’s in certain places…

30 thoughts on “How To Speak Australian

  1. My friend is living in Australia since 6-8years and when she speaks now, sometimes her slangs don’t make sense. Now i know why, haha! Good post, enjoyed the link as well

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