You May Know Me…

Because you can always only see the tip of the iceberg. But there’s so much more to us. There are so many layers to people, layers maybe not even our closest friends will ever see. We choose to show the parts of us, of our personality, we are comfortable showing. Everything else stays hidden.

In certain moments with certain people you might go deeper. You might allow them to see more of you than what they’ve met so far. They have to prove themselves worthy though. It’s a little bit like wearing a mask. In a way, I think, it’s a good thing to be in charge of what you want to let people see. The more you open yourself up to someone the more vulnerable you get. The more you can get hurt.

There is the other side too. Some people don’t really want to see the real you. They are happy to stay on the surface and not dig deeper. I wonder sometimes what is better. If someone is happy to only know the person you are happy to show them, how far does their friendship really go? Will they still be your friend when the real you suddenly surfaces? Or will they turn their backs and just walk away because it might be too much for them to handle? Or maybe they just simply don’t like the part they didn’t meet before…

And just like the captain of the Titanic should have paid more attention to what might lay beneath the surface, we should as well when we meet and approach people. We only see a little part of them. We don’t know what is under the surface. What lays hidden. We don’t know how stable it is, how smooth or edgy. We don’t know if it’s safe to get close or dangerous. So I guess our approach has to be gentle and careful.

I like the idea of the iceberg… Makes you think, doesn’t it?

The idea of only a small part being above the surface with a huge, strong, steady part below, keeping the entire thing stable. There’s so much more to each and everyone of us. So much more to discover for someone who truly wants to know who we are.

And so much for us to lean back on, to find comfort in, to build on.

38 thoughts on “You May Know Me…

  1. Great post, I use that phrase all the time, but never quite saw it illustrated in picture and words like this. Nice. I can usually tell in the first 20 minutes after meeting someone just how much of my personal iceberg I’ll reveal. Interesting. Thanks, Sandra. ❀️

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  2. That’s again a great thought, Sandra. I think we all are icebergs. Even if we are honest we don’t need to unveil every part of ourselves. There are people they just see through us whether we open up or not. They see us. Those are the people we do open up beause we not only feel that they see us we also feel that they accept us and even appreciate us that way.
    Another thought is: Do we even know our own iceberg? We discover so much about ourselves through the experiences we maken and through life itself. We discover and develop abilities and facets of ourselve we did not know were there. We are our own iceberg… which is great πŸ™‚

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  3. So true, and I feel I live my life as an iceberg floating around, attempting to not run into anything! lol. Yet, I have learned over the years, the strongest leaders among us grow comfortable in sharing who they are to those whom they encounter. The deeper one’s confidence, the easier it is not to care who knows what, because the confident don’t care what others think. They don’t care, because they don’t need anything from the person with whom they are sharing. I haven’t yet attained this level of confidence; however, I do know one or two people like this. They are not arrogant nor conceited people; they are truly some of the most humble people I know I have also found that they are humble and confident because of three common factors: they are very comfortable in their own skin, they are very aware of who they are AND who they are not, and they are very comfortable allowing you to be whomever you choose to be. I hope to, one day, accomplish this goal. πŸ˜‰

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  4. I used to be an iceberg, all hidden and deep. But I melted somewhere along the way because I got tired of not being “me” all the time. And I finally said, “Screw it. If someone doesn’t want to know who I am, they can go jump in a lake.” Because it just got tiring being so “deep”. Now I have no secrets, nothing to discover. I don’t go shouting everything from the rooftops or revealing all of my deep darks to everyone I meet, but I’ve got nothing to hide either. No hidden layers. I am, basically, what you see is what you get because I’m too exhausted to be anything else.

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