My Picks Of The Week #50

Here are my picks of this week. Hope you enjoy. Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

Just Plain Ol’Vic
A wonderful post about grounding, standing our ground, no matter how bad the storm is…

Cat In The Cactus
Made me giggle…

Unfortunately not in English, but nevertheless a fantastic post about the influence a TV can have on us… Check out the links to the studies mentioned…

Have you ever wondered why it takes so much to just say no thanks?

View Pacific
Short and sweet…

An Armchair Perfectionist
I can relate…

Olivia In La La Land
You can not put a label on a person…

Gives you a lot to think about…

A powerful post about being poor… please click the link to the original post as well!

I’ve shared this before but read it again this week and just have to share it again…

She’s always good for a chuckle 🙂

All In A Dad’s Work
Just too good not to share…

Creative Blog Mom
Why do you think it’s getting more popular???






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